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Amazon A+ Content – The free way to high Conversion Rates?

Until July 2019, the so-called Amazon A+ content was only available to vendors. Sellers, on the other hand, had to deal with the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). This significant difference between sellers who sell directly to Amazon and those who trade on the marketplace no longer exists: vendors and sellers alike now have access to A+ Content – which is free of charge! It is therefore not surprising that the former Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon is used synonymously among sellers.

In theory, any seller who also manages a listing could use Amazon A+. However, the appealing content has to be created and the workload is not worthwhile for every type of product. That's why we looked at what Amazon A+ content in order to evaluate which product is worth the effort, and how sellers can effectively increase their conversion rate. 

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Every product on Amazon has its own ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), a unique product identifier to keep the catalog free of duplicates of the same product. Any seller offering the identical product is merged onto the same product page. But only one seller, most often the one who is in the buy box and/or the brand owner, is allowed to manage the content of this product detail page.

With private-label goods, it’s another story. Since these products are only offered by one seller, the private label owner, this seller is also eligible to edit the product detail page. Besides the title, bullet points, pictures and a lot of attributes the product detail page also contains a text-only description of 2,000 characters length.

The Amazon A+ content expands this product description by an additional 5,000 characters to a total of 7,000 characters, allowing sellers to present their items in the most appealing way. In addition, product images, graphics, and even videos can be added to make the purchase decision as easy as possible for potential customers. 

Although A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon are used as synonyms there is still a way to differentiate as a vendor. For sellers who sell their product to Amazon for further distribution have more possibilities with Amazon A+ Premium Content. But, honestly, even vendors should think twice if the advantages such as video loops, interactive content, or FAQs for this service outweigh the costs for the premium service.

Whether you as a seller can use the former EBC for your product therefore depends on the following conditions:

  • According to the Global Catalog Identifier (GCID), you have the ASIN of the product and can edit the product detail page.
  • You have already registered your trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Your product is not an item that is sorted in the categories Books, Media, Video, or Digital. No extensions are available for these categories.

The Basics: Target Group, Pictures and Texts

Amazon a plus included pictures and texts for the target group.

First the most obvious aspects: Pay attention to high-quality Amazon A+ Content like pictures in a correspondingly high resolution. Texts must be free of errors. You should also make sure that the sentences are not too long and interlaced. They should be easy for the customer to read and understand. Try to keep the most important points briefly and concisely, but nevertheless appealingly. 

But even more important, you must always keep your target group in mind. Sellers of wellness products obviously address different people than sellers of model kits for robot arms. Of course, this also applies if you use the Amazon A+ Content because this is ultimately also a part of your marketing. 

Images also speak!

Therefore, it's crucial to speak the language of your customers in your Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon and strike the right note. You should also make sure that the visual language is on the same level as your target group. A construction kit that is photographed in a cosy atmosphere with candlelight is probably less convincing for a handyman. 

In general, for the images you want to use for your Amazon A+ Content, you should pay attention to the resolution as well as the presentation. Your article should be in focus and not distract from it. Other accessories are only for support. This means that no sockets or doors should be visible in the background unless you are selling products for a house. Also, make sure that the picture does not look overloaded because you want to show all the functions of your article at the same time. Here it is definitely worthwhile to have a professional at work who knows exactly what is important when it comes to product photos.  

A+ on foreign-language Marketplaces 

If you sell on several marketplaces, you probably want to offer Amazon's A+ Content on these as well. This means that your texts need to be translated. Make sure you pay attention to the linguistic quality of these. This is not only about being grammatically correct and the right spelling. Idioms, for example, that have a positive meaning in one country can be an absolute no-go in the next country! 

Therefore, only take translations into your own hands if you have excellent language skills. If you do not have such skills, contact professional translators for your Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon.

What Goals can I pursue with Amazon A+ Content?

Clearly, the primary goal is to show customers that your product is the best choice and thus increase the conversion rate. But depending on the product, different approaches are worthwhile.

Communicating Information

For example, do you have a product that requires a lot of explanation? Then you should use the additional space to explain your product. Smartphones, for example, fall into this category. 

Amazon A plus Content example for a smartphone

In this example, three features of the smartphone are attractively represented by Amazon A+ Content to describe them in more detail: the dual SIM function, the good battery life, and the unlocking via face recognition. Each function is visualised with an image that first gets the attention of the reader and is then explained with a short text. In this way, customers are provided with relevant information. No one wants to compare several products and then have to read an epic on each page about the "unique" features. This is where you can skilfully stand out from the competition by designing your Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon to suit the target group.

Identifying the USP

The A+ Content can also be used to highlight the unique selling points, i. e. the function and features which make the product special. If your product is different from those of your competitors, you should make this clear, because this could be the decisive point why a customer buys from you instead of from a competitor. 

Amazon A plus Content for Supplements

In this example, the seller clearly shows with Amazon A+ Content that his protein powder is vegan, has high-quality ingredients, and also gives a quality promise. These points set him apart from other protein powders that are made of animal ingredients or have ingredients of less quality. Here too, the three points are obvious at first glance, so that they are directly visible to the customer. In this manner, Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon can influence his or her purchasing decision. 

Creating a virtual Customer Experience

When customers shop online, the shopping experience is very different from the one in stationery businesses, i. e. in a mall or pedestrian zone. Customers can try out the products, touch them, and view them from all sides. And they can consult a salesperson who answers their questions and shows alternatives. 

All of this is not the case when shopping on Amazon, so as a seller you should make the Customer Journey on your product page as close as possible to the in-store experience. Use the Amazon A+ Content and show your product with all its facets. If you are selling a handbag, you can show all the compartments and give a glimpse inside the bag. Using product photos with comparison objects, you can show customers how big the bag really is. This way many people can better estimate the real size than if they only read abstract measurements in the product description. How much is 23 inches already? 

At Amazon you cannot set up a virtual shop assistant, but with the FAQ area you can at least answer the most frequently asked questions of the customers and thus advise them on functions, for example. 

Cross-selling through Amazon's A+ Content

With the Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon, there is also the possibility to insert a comparison chart on the product detail page. This allows you to compare the listed article with other products in your range. Let's take the handbag from the example above again. Maybe the bag is a bit too small for the customer after all because it is supposed to be used as an office bag and should offer space for the coffee mug besides a laptop and a lunchbox. If you now also offer a handbag that meets these needs, it is only a click away. The customer can see from your comparison chart that you have it on offer and will probably click on it. 

By the way, you will draw the customer's attention to your own products instead of those of your competitors. Because whether you like it or not, your competitors are only one click away.

Storytelling by Amazon's A+ Content

Perhaps it is not only your product that is special but your whole company? Are you particularly sustainable or socially committed? Then show it in your Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon and make it your unique selling point! 

Storytelling is possible in the enhanced brand content and makes your product unique.

In this example, organic cacao powder are sold. Differentiation of the product in this area is difficult. Therefore, it is a good idea to emphasise the uniqueness of the company. Buyers of cacao powder are likely to be very environmentally conscious and want to support a company that is committed to environmental protection beyond the sale. This way, customers know that they have made a further contribution to environmental protection and will prefer this company. The photo, highlights, and short texts tell the story very clearly and are easy to consume. 

How do I create Amazon A+ Content? 

  • In Seller Central, click on Advertising in the navigation bar and select the A+ Content Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Now either search for an ASIN using the search box to customise existing A+ Content, or click on the “Create A+ Content“ button.
  • Now you can name the content so that you can find it later in the content manager.
  • Select the language for which the content is to be created.
  • Upload your company logo and add a product description. These two points must be filled in. You can see this by the small lock at the top right next to the modules.
  • Fill the modules with content. If you only want to use parts of a module, you can remove other parts with the small X on the left side.
  • Now you can add more sections by clicking on the button “Add module“. Choose an Amazon A+ Content template.
  • Fill the modules with content. If you only want to use parts of a module, you can remove other parts with the small X on the left side.

  • With this modular system Amazon created, the Enhanced Brand Content design can be chosen individually without any special graphic knowledge!

Needing more information? Check out what Amazon provides for A+ Content users: Amazon guidelines on creating A+ Content (Seller Central). And here you can find out how other Amazon sellers use Enhanced Brand Content templates: Examples of great A+.

For whom is Amazon A+ Content worthwhile and how does it push the Conversion Rate?

Normally, professional Amazon sellers do not trade only with the article of a single ASIN. Instead, their catalog contains several hundred or thousand products. Even if not every listing is managed by this seller himself, because they are trading goods: if every description were to be extended from 2,000 to 7,000 characters, this would mean an immense expenditure of time and personnel, but also of money. After all, very few sellers are gifted photographers or graphic artists. This investment must therefore pay off by bringing you higher sales. So don’t use Amazon A+ Content as a last resort to save a product that does not sell well. 

Therefore you should only take the trouble to create Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon for those products that actually benefit from it and convert better. The big change here is with products that are not self-explanatory, that have special features or functions or for which the salesperson should otherwise name further information in order to enable the customer to understand it better. This is why A+ content can, for example, provide good service for products that have many views, but whose conversion rate is lagging behind.

A simple T-shirt certainly does not need any extensions such as graphics for an explanation. On the other hand, an expensive washing machine, which also has a tumble-dryer function or special filters to reduce allergenic substances in textiles, Amazon A+ Content can make the difference. The better the potential customer's understanding of a product, the greater the likelihood that they will press the "Add to Cart" button. 

How can I tell how good my Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon is? 

Amazon A plus analysis is important

Put simply: at the conversion rate. If this KPI has improved after the A+ Content was introduced, it can be assumed that the increase is due to this. 

More meaningful, however, is the tool “Manage Your Experiments“ (MYE) from Amazon, with which A/B tests are carried out. This allows you to test different formats against each other and Amazon will report on the success of the formats. For this purpose, users create another version of the extra content with exactly the same ASINs in the A+ Content Manager. Once the content has been tested, the experiment can be started via the MYE tool. This allows you to approach carefully and find out what appeals to your target group and what doesn't. You can set a period of 4 to 10 weeks for the test.

Also check out our blogpost about the best analytics tools: Save time and money with an Amazon Analytics Tool: 5 Applications for Marketplace Sellers.

The Extra Content doesn't get crawled - and still increases the Conversion!

Unlike keywords in the title or bullet points, the Amazon A+ Content page is not crawled. This means that Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon does not play a direct role in the algorithm's decision on how high the product page ranks for a keyword. It is therefore still immensely important to carefully optimise the listing and carry out a thorough keyword research

According to Amazon, however, A+ content indirectly increases the conversion by about three to ten percent. This is due to different effects and advantages of the extra content: 

  1. 1
    Amazon A+ promotes sales directly: A better understanding of the product, increased trust in the brand, or triggered desire to own the article through great product images – A+ content has a direct impact on the customer and encourages him to buy the product. Cross- and up-selling mechanisms and a better brand experience contribute to the rest.
  2. 2
    High sales in recent weeks are in turn reflected in the relevance rating of the algorithm, allowing sellers to achieve higher rankings.
  3. 3
    Potential customers who understand a product better acquire it on a stable knowledge base – and are therefore more satisfied and return less. This is not only reflected in the seller and product evaluation, but it also promotes customer loyalty.
  4. 4
    Amazon does not crawl the extra content, but Google does index it. It can therefore be worthwhile to include keywords here that have not found a place in the title or product description and in this way improve your rankings in Google.
  5. 5
    Last but not least, Amazon A+ Content can improve the return on investment (ROI) by increasing the conversion rate by reducing the cost of individual sales from PPC campaigns.

Conclusion: A Piece of the Puzzle

Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon can turn an indecisive customer into a convinced buyer who gets exactly the product they wanted, who is therefore satisfied with the seller and does not arrange a return. Ideally, the customer will even leave a positive review and buy again soon. 

Through more sales, the former Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) also improves the conversion rate, which is why the product ranks better in the search results. In the long run, the creation of the Enhanced Content pays off for the seller. 

But nothing is for free. Good Amazon A+ Content must be created and maintained. It is important that you match the language of the target group and direct them to the buy button as quickly and as cleverly as possible. Show customers why your product is the best choice for them and distract them from ads about competing products. 

The A+ content manager on Amazon is very intuitive to use and does not require any special graphic skills – but you will have to show your creativity when creating content. The ready-made modules help you to structure the site and make it attractive.

Like every marketing action, the Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon also requires a performance evaluation. Check the conversion rate or use Amazon's own analysis tool for A/B tests. However, it would be wrong to think that Amazon A+ content can function as a band-aid for products that sell less. On the contrary: the content is another piece in the big Amazon puzzle and is worthwhile for products that are already strong sellers or even bestsellers

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