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Automatic pricing control/repricing

Automated price optimization
An example of Amazon price optimization
Unnecessary Fears of Repricing Software
Be a step in advance

Automated price optimization

Event-driven pricing is a trend of the future. With the variety of identical offers and the ability to compare prices with one click, such as on Amazon, the buyer is guided to the cheaper providers. As a result, more and more sellers rely on Amazon to automatically adjust prices. With lots of competitive offers, we’re always fighting for the Amazon Buy Box and the lowest price. This is the only way to generate the maximum turnover at. Sellers who already use a repricing tool are far superior to those who do not automatically optimize prices.

An example of Amazon Price Optimization:

Seller A uses the Amazon Price Optimization of SellerLogic. Seller B manually changes prices several times a day.

Seller A has created an optimization rule. This allows an automatic adjustment in the range from 19.95 Euro to 29.95 Euro. Seller B adjusts the daily routine price to 27.50 euros. The repricing tool will notice the change in just a few seconds and immediately adjust the price to 27.45 euros. As a result, Seller A receives the Buy Box again and continues to sell the product successfully. Although Seller B has a good purchase price and is competitive, Seller A sells significantly more because it is in the Buy Box almost all the time. Seller B looks at prices in the next routine and is angry that many prices need to be adjusted again. It takes a lot of time to spend on other important things.

If you have thousands of products, manual price adjustment is almost impossible. You wouldn’t have to do anything but change prices all day. When you’re done, you can start over.

Unnecessary fears about repricing software

Many sellers fear that the price knows only one direction, down. This is only partially correct. The SellerLogic Amazon Price Tool constantly provides for vivid prices. This means that for certain events, the price will jump up and the price optimization, which pushes the price down, will start over. Important: who spends most of the time in the Amazon Buy Box between price leap up and price optimization. This seller will also earn the most revenue.

Our market observation repeatedly shows that there are a number of offers per product, but only a few are selling. One thing should be clear to every seller today. It is better to sell a product with a lower margin than not to sell it at all.

Be one step ahead

Be one step ahead of your competitors. SellerLogic Amazon Repricing supports you with optimal pricing around the clock. 365 days a year. Use your time more efficiently and be assured that SellerLogic will monitor the market for you and make any necessary price changes immediately.

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