Amazon Dynamic Repricing Tool

What is dynamic repricing?

Repricing is one of the keys to your success. The automatic price adjustment of SellerLogic grasps the point of all customers focus: the price. As long as you are cheaper than other competitors, you have already passed the most difficult hurdle! You may increase the sales volume, revenue and win more often the Amazon BuyBox. We help you with Amazon pirce optimization through our modular designed tool reliably and safely under fair conditions.

Why use SellerLogic Repricer?

Vendors who sell several products with a large number of competitors, must constantly adjust prices referring to the market. The more products you offer, the more time you have to invest in price maintenance. Some retailers are already using a price optimization software and gain competitive advantages. You have little chance to win the price war in the traditional way against these sellers . SellerLogic uses the Amazon MWS API and can be easily associated with your Amazon account after authorization. No installation and configuration is required. You can start with the price optimazition through just a few clicks.

Optimization Strategies

The SellerLogic repricing tool brings you on the one-way-street which merely aimed at a reasonable price. SellerLogic offers you several options to optimize your Amazon business. If you do not prefer fully automatic optimization, you can specify necessary optimization rules for individual products or entire product groups. The Repricer implements the rules. Of course you can always change your strategy and make adjustment based on your needs. Thus you have the flexibility, which is absolutely necessary in the online business. There are following strategies available:

SellerLogic – BuyBox

You should concentrate on the Amazon BuyBox to increase your sales opportunities. Once you gain BuyBox placement, your product prices will be further optimized in order to get maximum performance out of your selling price. Because BuyBox placement means you can demand noticeably higher prices than other providers who are not eligible for this status. You achieve automatically both goals with our Amazon price optimization. Thanks to this tool you have the best chance of Buybox placement and optimal selling prices.

SellerLogic – Position

You gain a certain position with this strategy, regardless of your prices. Suppose you want to rank second; the SellerLogic Repricer adjusts your selling price automatically to maintain this position permanently.

SellerLogic – Push

Your sales figures are significant for this optimization strategy. SellerLogic adjusts your selling price upwards as soon as you get orders within a defined period. The Tool corrects your price down if the expected sales figure is not fulfilled. Briefly speaking, you can control the price of one product based on the numbers of orders. You specify how many times at least an article has to be sold in a given period (e.g. five times a day or ten times per week). If this target is not achieved or in the worst case, no sale at all, price reductions in a few cents will incentive purchase. After reaching the desired price, the strategy can be automatically changed to another, e.g .: SellerLogic – Sales.

SellerLogic – Sales

Maximize your margins at constant sales by demand-related price adjustment. Your sales volume is significant for this strategy. SellerLogic adjusts your selling price upwards, once is shows a percentage increase in sales figures within a defined period. The price does not change if the demand remains stable. The price goes downwards once it shows a decrease. “Bestseller” remain, “dead stock” are targetedly sold out.

SellerLogic – Auto Profit

SellerLogic Repricer enables price calculation based on expected margin. The purchase price is required for calculation. SellerLogic considers automatically all data, including the FBA costs (Fulfillment by Amazon) and the Amazon referral fees. This strategy is costs-oriented, regardless of the competition. If you arrange the shipments by yourself, you may define your shipping costs separately. You can see that our Amazon Repricer offers every individual option in this aspect.

SellerLogic – Detail Profit

Unlike the Auto Profit, you can define in this Repricer optimization strategy all fees and costs factors by yourself. SellerLogic evaluates the information and determines your sales price. Important for you: There are no restrictions with the number of criteria that you define here. Therefore you can arrange very flexibly in order to optimize your sales.

SellerLogic – Manufacturer

Our system analyzes your sales and trend in this optimization process to determine the optimal price. Rising demand and sales increase the selling price till it reaches the maximum limit which is defined by you. The system makes a price reduction if the figures show a decline in demand. This will make your offer “pushed” till sales gradually be boosted. The price limit which you defined before will be considered also. In short, you get the maximum performance out of the supply and demand. (available soon)

SellerLogic – Manually

Of Course our Amazon price optimization offers the option to create your own strategies. SellerLogic can provide for this purpose a number of parameters, which give you complete freedom to optimize prices. Hereunder are the main criteria by which you can create your strategy:

  • FBA sellers (yes / no / both)
  • Product status (new / used)
  • Price step in percentage or amount
  • Price rounding (to a round figure)
  • Catch up with a particular seller
  • Exclude sellers or only oriented on sellers
  • Exclude sellers with x percent ratings or x rating points
  • Exclude sellers out of stock
  • Consider sellers’ location
  • Consider sellers’ shipping time

SellerLogic – Time

This setting allows you to decide on which date or on what time to apply your strategy. Since there are products whose sales fluctuate depending on the season, our Amazon Price optimization allows to define fixed periods. For example, an article sells particularly well in the summer months. Then you can activate the Repricer for the period from May to August. Or you may set for different time or period changing strategies, e.g. Position Strategy at night and BuyBox Strategy from 10 to 12 a.m. So that you are completely flexible and able to change your prices whenever you want. (available soon)

SellerLogic – Same Price

You aim to a particular competitor. Once he adjusts his price, SellerLogic follows up automatically, hence, to make sure that you offer your product at the same price.

Product Groups

In order to make your work with the Repricing so easy and comfortable as possible, you can combine individual products into groups and assign to each group its own optimization strategy. You do not have to adjust for each product its own strategy (though of course you still have this option). You save your time and therefore your money by configuring all product groups with a few mouse clicks.

Timed switching on and off

You decide when our system should work for you and with which strategy. Therefore you are so flexible as never before. You can specify conveniently the time when the optimization is to be performed. You can set different strategy for different time as well. (available soon)

One System – All countries

SellerLogic offers a centralized system with all prices at a glance, no matter in which country you are selling. You can synchronize your products for each country with one click. Currently our system supports nine countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico.  (available soon: Japan and India)


The prices of the SellerLogic repricing are based on country and depend on the number of active products in your Amazon shop. Suppose you have created in the German marketplace 10,000 products and in Spain only 100, so you pay for your usage activities in the Spanish Amazon marketplace for 100 products only. To find the number of your producs at Amazon: Inventory → Manage Inventory. The minimum duration is 3 months. All flat rates include a 24/7/365 optimization and are settled on the basis of a monthly fee. The basic fee is calculated each month based on the highest number of active offers in the past month and assigned to the appropriate tariff.

Number of Products 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 24 Months
0-100 19  per month 18  per month 17  per month 16  per month
101-500 39  per month 37  per month 35  per month 33  per month
501-1.000 49  per month 46  per month 44  per month 41  per month
1.001-.2.500 69  per month 65  per month 62  per month 58  per month
2.501-5.000 99  per month 94  per month 89  per month 84  per month
5.001-10.000 149  per month 141  per month 134  per month 126  per month
10.001-25.000 249  per month 236  per month 224  per month 211  per month
25.001-50.000 429  per month 407  per month 386  per month 364  per month
50.001-100.000 799  per month 759  per month 719  per month 679  per month
100.001-250.000 999  per month 949  per month 899  per month 849  per month
250.001-500.000 1499  per month 1424  per month 1349  per month 1274  per month
500.001-1.000.000 1999  per month 1899  per month 1799  per month 1699  per month
>1.000.000 on request on request on request on request

All prices exclude VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Import & Export

Even if your purchase prices should change several times a day, it is neither a challenge nor a problem to our system. The SellerLogic Repricer handles your CSV and XML files easily. What you need to do is to simply input the path to your price file and determine when it is to be updated. Or you can upload the file in our system manually. Basic data need to be given for the optimization in this file. These are firstly the purchase prices for the individual products. Secondly the sellling price limits should be given, including floor and ceiling price which need to be accurate in cent. This range ensures your profitable sales. The system provides you an Export option also, which enables the export of current selling price of all your products. You can always retrieve the data as a CSV or XML file and evaluate them in peace later.

Price History

You know how fast the market is moving. You can review the price changes for each products for a whole year retrospectively, which ensures you a perfect overview. Just one click of the mouse, you will receive an overview of how your prices and those of your competitorss have developed in the past. (available soon)


You give price range for each product. The SellerLogic optimizes your prices within the price limit defined by you. This means your prices always stay in safety ranges, becasue your requirements, which were imported in the file, always have the highest priority when the price be calculated and adjusted, even several times a day if necesary. In addition, Amazon is constantly working in identifying faulty Prices. Should one of your products are affected, it will be set to inactive and you will receive an email notification, so you can check the price and correct it if necessary. Privacy and data security are of great importance to SellerLogic. Thanks to the mordernst technique you can fully trust us that you data are in safe hands.


Using monitoring, you always have all the information at a glance:

  • When the prices were lastly updated
  • When the last upload was made
  • How many products have reached the minimum price
  • How many products have reached the maximum price
  • How many products are currently in the BuyBox
  • The time that Amazon has needed in average to process the last ten uploads of the Feeds
  • Notes and Cautions

(available soon)

Free Trial

You can start your own personal free trial now. In just a few minutes you can use all functions without restriction. After that you can experience the SellerLogic Repricer freely for 14 days. Surely you will be convinced by alle the advantages of our system, such as:

  • Automatic price adjustment according to your specifications
  • You save time and money, no stress any more
  • Increase sales
  • You define the price range
  • You determine the strategy of price optimization
  • SellerLogic offers a modular system
  • Our Amazon price optimization works across borders
  • The highest standards in privacy and security
  • Comprehensive monitoring and price history
  • You can test the system 14 days freely without obligation