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Reviews of satisfied customers

Daniel Bournot

Since the use of SellerLogic, FBA sales have risen by 20%. In addition, many articles are now sold more expensive than before. The support is top.

Daniel Bournot

Since I use SellerLogic, I save more than 1 hour work for price control each day. Especially the Buybox strategy has increased my profit. A higher price, and still in the buy box. I am quickly in because of the small basic charge. Now I have the perfect price 24/7. Thank you!

Ingo Plug
FutureStyle GmbH
Ingo Plug
Tobias Stephan

Repricing means first of all not cheap, but to offer with optimized price. It is hardly possible to monitor 2000 active listings manually. Whether it is fast-moving or slow-moving items, I have no more problems with both.

Tobias Stephan

For my first tests in “Trade on Amazon” I used SellerLogic and am really amazed by the results. From the first hour on, SellerLogic gets the buy box with its strategies and thus ensures the immediate fully automatic sales of my commercial goods. I’m excited.

Lars Müller
Lars Müller
Frank Jemetz

Since the use of SellerLogic, our expenditure of time is very little, and thanks to the applied price strategy, the result is optimal, with 60.000 listings and up to 2 million price changes per day.

Frank Jemetz
FJ Trading GmbH

How does price optimization work?

The Repricing

SellerLogic increases your sales and saves precious time through the Amazon price optimization. Our tool does not aim at the lowerst price, but the best price for you and your strategy. You should benefit from the price optimization and finally say “Goodbye” to unnecessary dumping price.Further Information

Optimazition Strategies


Concentrate on the Amazon BuyBox. With this strategy you can maximize your sales and require simultaneously noticeably higher prices than other cheaper providers who have not won the BuyBox.


Stay on a certain position in the searching results. For example, you try to stay in the second place. In this way you respond promptly when your competitor makes a price adjustment.


Adjust the price based on the sales figures. You enter the desired criteria and sellersLogic changes the price once the criteria are satisfied. Various targets can be achieved in this manner.


Get “the maximum” out of your price. Adjust prices based on product demand. Raise the price if the sales rises. A declining demand can be reversed by timely price reductions.

Auto Profit

You have the option to use the SellerLogic Repricer to align your stategy based on the desired margin. SellerLogic calculates the Amazon referral fees and FBA costs automatically. You can specify the shipping costs if you ship the cargo by yourself.

Detail Profit

Unlike the Automatic Profit, you can not only add all the fees-and costs-factors but also freely define them by yourself for the optimization strategy. The selling price is determined taking into account these factors.


This strategy analyses the sales figures and trends in order to determine the optimal price. You can achieve the best selling price as demand increases and avoid dead stock through price adjustments until they are sold out. (available soon)


You may choose any number of strategies that correspond exactly to your needs and assign them to individual products or entire product groups. You gain the maximum flexibility in configing your prices with this method.

Same Price

You Oberserve a competitor constantly and respond promptly when he changes his prices. Make sure that the customer gets in your shop the same price as that from your competitor.

Product Groups

The Amazon price optimization should be as easy as possible for you. Therefore, you have the option of dividing your products into groups and creating their own strategies for each group in our tool.Further Information

Timed switching on and off

You are very felxible in repricing with SellerLogic, since you can determine for each product and each product group the day, the hour and/or fixed periods during which the repricing should be applied. In order to get optimal results you can change the setting of conditions several times a day. (available soon) Further Information

One System – All countries

The SellerLogic Repricer works across borders and provides you with a centralized system for price optimization in several countries.


Costs depend on the number of countries in which you are selling, and the number of products that you offer on Amazon.

Number of Products 3 Months 6 Months 12 Month 24 Month
0-100 19  per month 18  per month 17  per month 16  per month
101-500 39  per month 37  per month 35  per month 33  per month
501-1.000 49  per month 46  per month 44  per month 41  per month
1.001-.2.500 69  per month 65  per month 62  per month 58  per month
2.501-5.000 99  per month 94  per month 89  per month 84  per month
5.001-10.000 149  per month 141  per month 134  per month 126  per month
10.001-25.000 249  per month 236  per month 224  per month 211  per month
25.001-50.000 429  per month 407  per month 386  per month 364  per month
50.001-100.000 799  per month 759  per month 719  per month 679  per month
100.001-250.000 999  per month 949  per month 899  per month 849  per month
250.001-500.000 1499  per month 1424  per month 1349  per month 1274  per month
500.001-1.000.000 1999  per month 1899  per month 1799  per month 1699  per month
>1.000.000 on request on request on request on request

Further Information

Import & Export

You provide us via the import function of the SellerLogic Repricers all the necessary information as XML or CSV file: the purchase price and the minimum and maximum price. You can always export current selling prices via the export function.Further Information

Price History

Keep the price development in view. You always have in your hands all the information of the past twelve months clearly and conveniently. You can find out at any time how the prices have developed and what price at which moment your products have. (available soon) Further Information


You benefit from the secure system of SellerLogic, on the one hand via the price range that you specify to us, on the other hand via Amazon Price Check. In addition, we attach great importance to data security and privacy.Further Information

Amazon API

SellerLogic works closely with Amazon and its best APIs to offer one of the most modern and accurate price optimization solutions. Once there are any changes in Amazon, we will be informed and response immediately. In case of new functions we will add them to our system too.Further Information


The SellerLogic Monitoring enables all important information at a glance. Therefore you can quickly identify which products have been adjusted to the optimal price and which can still be optimized. You will also see products that have already reached the predetermined limits. (available soon) Further Information

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