What Can SELLERLOGIC Offer You?

REPRICER for Amazon

Maximize profits with AI-based price optimization and strategies for wholesales and Private Label.

LOST & FOUND for Amazon FBA only

AI-powered FBA error analysis and refund management.


Profitability and margin analysis of the marketplace business.

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Intelligent Pricing Control for Amazon – Comprehensive Features for Every Automation You Need

The core features of the SELLERLOGIC Repricer for Amazon at a glance.

Import / Export


138 fields per SKU – all elements importable / each field changeable without complete import.


256 fields per SKU – individually customizable and filterable export templates.


Seamless integration via the SELLERLOGIC REST API.

Optimization strategies

  • Buy Box – Win the Buy Box at the highest possible selling price.
  • Push – Control product prices based on order volumes and periods.
  • Daily Push – Dynamic price optimization throughout the day.
  • Manual – Configurable strategy according to your requirements.
  • Cross-ASIN – Price control based on competing ASINs.


  • Buy Box Products
  • Buy Box Shares
  • Breakeven & Margin
  • Inventory by Country
  • Sales of the past 30 days
  • Minimum & Maximum Prices

Product groups

Group any products individually into product groups.

Assign optimization strategies to the product groups.

Time control

You set the time and optimization strategy.

You decide when the solution is active and when to pause.

Price History

Fast markets, fast price changes.

You can see the historical price development for each individual product.



Automatically enforce FBA refunds.

Lost & Found Full-Service monitors your FBA processes and enforces all refund claims found against Amazon without requiring any further action from you.

Fast and Simple Start

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found guides you swiftly and easily through the registration process. Click “Get Started Now,” and the AI-powered software will analyze your FBA reports for reimbursement claims.

Automatic FBA Audit

SELLERLOGIC Lost and Found checks FBA processes for mistakes or mistakes and submits case claims for you in your Amazon Seller Central account. Get your money back effortlessly.

Historical Examination

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found handles cases up to 18 months retrospectively, ensuring that no refunds are overlooked.

Professionals at Work

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found handles the entire case processing and communication with Amazon. If Amazon does not immediately agree to the refund, the SELLERLOGIC experts also take care of further clarification until the case can be closed. Additionally, SELLERLOGIC provides you current overviews of received refunds.

Enormous Time Savings

Leave the legwork to SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service. Use your extra time to work on your core business.



All costs and revenues of your Amazon business at a glance

The SELLERLOGIC Business Analytics tool for Amazon gives you a detailed overview of the performance of your Amazon business. This way, Amazon sellers make informed decisions based on data to ensure the profitability of their business.

Get an accurate display of your performance

Monitor your growth at the account level as well as the marketplace and product level.

Become the expert your business needs

Profitable decision-making through intuitive visualization of your income and expenses.

Simple features for informed decisions

The KPI widget provides you with a clear and simple overview of your income, expenses, and profitability of your marketplaces and products.

Customizable according to your needs and functionality

The dashboard can be customized and personalized according to the facts and figures that matter to you.

Link to SELLERLOGIC Repricer

SELLERLOGIC Repricer users are given the ability to synchronize product costs and other cost types automatically with Business Analytics.

Detailed analysis of your sales and costs

Monitor your relevant product data in near real-time to react quickly to changes.

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Help pages

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  • The online illustrated documentation provides a comprehensive overview of all important areas such as registration, setup, and usage of the tools.

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