What Can SellerLogic Offer You?

The portfolio includes three dynamic tools that can be connected to an Amazon seller account with just a few clicks. All three solutions can save sellers a lot of time while automatically optimizing sales and profits.

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Our dynamic and intelligent solutions enable our customers to gain efficient and solid profit maximization on Amazon.

REPRICER for Amazon

Intelligent pricing control for Amazon – comprehensive features for every automation you need.

LOST & FOUND for Amazon FBA only

The solution for automated monitoring of FBA processes to detect and report all kinds of FBA errors.


All costs and sales in one profit dashboard – discover your growth potential at a glance.

Optimize Your Business as an Amazon Seller


Intelligent dynamic algorithm for fully automated price optimization.

Increase of sales

Goal: Optimization for the Amazon Buy Box and highest customer presence.


SellerLogic works with the Amazon API and comprehensive security technology.

Big players and hidden champions trust SellerLogic


Intelligent Pricing Control for Amazon – Comprehensive Features for Every Automation You Need

The core features of the SellerLogic Repricer for Amazon in a quick run.

Import / Export


138 fields per SKU – all items can be imported/each field can be changed without full import – only 3 required fields for product association.


256 fields per SKU – customizable and filterable export templates – make decisions based on data.

Optimization strategies

  • Buy Box
  • Push
  • Daily Push
  • Manual


  • Buy Box Products
  • Buy Box Shares
  • Breakeven & Margin
  • Inventory by Country
  • Sales of the past 30 days
  • Minimum & Maximum Prices

Product groups

Combine any product individually into product groups.

Assign your optimization strategies to product groups.

Time control

You set the time and optimization strategy.

You decide when the solution is active and when to pause.

Price History

Fast markets, fast price changes.

You can see the historical price development for each individual product.


Transparency of Amazon FBA-processes

Continuous monitoring of Amazon’s FBA processes to identify errors. The discrepancies are documented and prepared in order to open error claim cases.

Thorough examination

Automated analysis of FBA orders, returns and inventory.

Simple and intuitive handling

Easy to use through structured processes.

Look into the past

Some errors can be reported 18 months retroactively.

Reports on found errors

A detailed report is generated for each error found.

Enormous time savings

Use your time for more important things and leave the investigation to us.



All costs and revenues of your Amazon business at a glance

The SellerLogic Business Analytics tool for Amazon gives you a detailed overview of the performance of your Amazon business. This way, Amazon sellers make informed decisions based on data to ensure their profitability.

Get an accurate display of your performance

Monitor your growth at the account level as well as the marketplace and product level.

Become the expert your business needs

Profitable decision-making through intuitive visualization of your income and expenses.

Simple features for informed decisions

The KPI widget provides you with a simple and clear overview of your income and expenses.

Customizable according to your needs and functionality

The dashboard can be customized and personalized according to the facts and figures that matter to you.

Link to SellerLogic Repricer

Transfer of product information and costs is possible for users of SellerLogic Repricer without external import.

Detailed analysis of your sales and costs

Monitor your relevant product data in near real-time to react quickly to changes.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

If you have any questions or suggestions, our customer service will be happy to help you.

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