SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service: Automated Identification and Reimbursement of FBA Errors

A lot of money is lost due to unclaimed FBA errors.

Without an intelligent software solution, detecting FBA errors requires significant time and effort. At the same time, completely neglecting FBA error detection is also not an option for your business, since this increases the likelihood of substantial financial loss from unclaimed reimbursements. Many FBA sellers lack the expertise and time to manually review every detail, consolidate reports, and identify errors. Consequently, medium-sized enterprises using FBA risk losing 3 % of their annually generated turnover generated from FBA sales.

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service specializes in identifying FBA errors and reclaiming funds for sellers who participate in FBA as part of our comprehensive service package. This means that – as a seller – you do not have to participate in the negotiations and communication with Amazon.

SELLERLOGIC handles the recovery of your funds in its entirety, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks. Take the enforcement of your refund claims against Amazon to the next level with SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service.


Ø Unclaimed FBA reimbursements

On average, an Amazon seller can expect to receive refunds that make up about 3% of their annual FBA sales revenue.

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No Matter Who’s Packing, Mistakes Will Happen – Detect Them With Lost & Found.

Complex logistics processes and enormous pressure regarding workload and time cause mistakes to happen regularly in Amazon warehouses.

ERP systems, booking systems, payment systems, and transport systems execute tasks before, during, and after processes, facilitating both the delivery and return of items to customers. Given the complexity of such operations, errors are inevitable.

While FBA errors may occur regularly, they should not go unnoticed. Especially since they are happening with your products and cause a detriment to your business.

Lost & Found Full-Service Identifies All Undiscovered Reimbursement Claims – and Retrieves Your Money.

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service takes care of your entire reimbursement process – starting with comprehensive error detection and the coordination + submission of error reports, up to all necessary communication with Amazon – SELLERLOGIC handles every aspect of the process. This means that you can focus completely on growing your business.

Each suspicious transaction is logged as a separate case in Lost & Found. Four different case statuses – New Cases, In Progress (Response from Amazon pending), In Review (Response from SELLERLOGIC pending), Closed – show the current status of your findings. Various filter options make it easy to find the data you are looking for.

Specify which events you want to be notified about via browser notification or email.

Sit back while the AI-powered Lost & Found tool does all the work and retrieves your money.

Case Types Overview

The most common cases covered by SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service are “Order,” “FBA fees,” and “Inventory” as these are the most common errors in FBA. Further FBA error sources are continuously being researched for and added to the tool gradually.

Inbound Shipments

  • The goods have been shipped by the seller, but have not arrived at the Amazon warehouse or have only arrived partially.
  • Amazon deducts your stock after the shipment has been closed.

Inventory / Stock

  • Inventory is missing and Amazon does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Amazon damages your items within their warehouse and does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Amazon destroys items in a sellable status without your express permission and before the 30-day period has expired.

FBA Fees

  • Amazon overcharges you due to wrong measurements regarding the size and weight of your package.

Missing Returns

  • The customer has initiated to return the item, and already received a refund but you have not been credited back the corresponding amount by Amazon even though the refund lies more than 60 days in the past.

Lost in Warehouse

  • Items get lost in an Amazon warehouse because a customer return is scanned at the entrance but does not make it back to your inventory. Amazon does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Your items are not listed in the corresponding inventory due to a missing scan, despite having been returned to the warehouse.

Receive up to 3% of your Amazon FBA revenue as a refund.


Are you an FBA seller?

Then there’s a big chance that Amazon owes you money. SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found detects your reimbursement cases and makes Amazon refund them. Interested? Experience Lost & Found for yourself in a secure demo environment! See for yourself and check which case types can also occur in your business.

It’s free of charge and does not require that you connect your Amazon account.

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SELLERLOGIC Identifies Your Claims and Enforces Them Cost-effectively for You

Lost & Found allows you to discover a new calculation of profitability. With just one click, SELLERLOGIC offers you a solution for individual reimbursement claims that previously weren’t worth your time and effort.

While you focus on your daily operations, the AI-powered Lost & Found tool automatically handles all your reimbursement claims. Although SELLERLOGIC takes all the work off your hands and provides an overview of all cases and Amazon reimbursements, you are still able to monitor your FBA processes and receive precise information, enabling you to understand and track each case.

SELLERLOGIC effectively asserts your claims against Amazon with a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

Only Professional Software Solutions Can Detect Every FBA Error Without Exception

A successful analysis of individual transactions often requires consolidating multiple FBA reports, which may span long periods. Manual or Excel-based data processing is not economically feasible due to the complexity, constantly changing data, various sources of problems, and the considerable time involved.

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Samtige Haut

SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found is indispensable for every FBA seller for two reasons. First, it reveals potential FBA reimbursements that are often unknown to most sellers. Moreover, it significantly reduces the amount of time required for conducting research and processing cases. This saved time can now be allocated to different areas.

Lost & Found-Produktseite EN
Lost & Found-Produktseite EN

A Complex System That Does Your Work Automatically.

An All-Inclusive Package

SELLERLOGIC handles case identification, submission, and processing, thereby managing the entire case handling with Amazon. If difficulties arise after the case is opened with Amazon, SELLERLOGIC naturally takes care of further clarification – allowing you to sit back and focus on the truly important aspects of your business.

Easy Integration – Ready to Start in Minutes

Our goal is to take as much work off sellers as possible by automating complex and time-consuming processes through a quick and simple integration via the Amazon SP-API.

A service for everything: SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service handles the entire refund process for you – from error detection to case opening and communication with Amazon.Fast and easy connection via the Amazon

Your Benefits

Opt for the all-inclusive solution created by professionals for professionals.
SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service ensures that all your funds are returned to you without hassle.

Fast and Simple Start

SELLERLOGIC guides you swiftly and easily through the registration process. Click “Get Started Now” and the AI-powered software will start screening your FBA processes for reimbursement claims.

Automatic FBA Audit

SELLERLOGIC takes care of the comprehensive identification of FBA processes for potential discrepancies or errors and submits the case claims for you in Seller Central. Get your money back effortlessly with our tool.

Historical Examination

SELLERLOGIC claims cases up to 18 months retrospectively. This ensures that no refund is lost.

Professionals at Work

SELLERLOGIC handles the entire case processing and communication with Amazon. If Amazon does not immediately agree to the refund, the SELLERLOGIC experts also take care of further clarification until the case can be closed. Additionally, SELLERLOGIC provides you with current overviews of received refunds.

Enormous Time Savings

Leave the legwork, SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found Full-Service while you have more time for your core business.

Fair Conditions

Our fee is only charged for cases refunded by Amazon. No basic fee is charged. The commission – only 25% – is based on the actual refund received. Thus, 75% remains with you, which you would have certainly been lost without the use of SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found.

Claim your Amazon FBA refund now before your claim expires.




of the reimbursement value

No additional costs*

Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions
Other Topics:
Dealing with cases
Contract information
How do you get the FBA data/interface?

We use the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API interface and extract the data from the system that is relevant to our research.

Since the reimbursement is processed grossly. Is the fee of 25 % calculated on the gross or net amount of the reimbursement in the invoice?

The commission is calculated based on the total amount refunded by Amazon.

When do you charge the 25 %?

The fee will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month.

What Information is required from you, and how will this information be used?

In Germany and Austria, billing is conducted via direct debit. For this, the IBAN must include the respective country code “DE” or “AT”. SEPA direct debit mandates from outside Germany and Austria cannot be processed.

In all other countries, you can only pay by credit card. To process your payments, SELLERLOGIC’s payment service provider requires your credit card details. This includes your CVV2 or CVC2 number, which is a three- or four-digit combination printed on your credit card. Transmitting all credit card data to the payment service provider is for cardholder authentication and is a secure and standardized international process.

The processing of credit card data is carried out exclusively – and within full PCI compliance – by SELLERLOGIC’s payment service provider. At no time does SELLERLOGIC have access to or store its customers’ credit card data. If you have further questions on this matter, our Customer Support is happy to help.

In closed cases and in “actual reimbursement“, is the Lost & Found fee already deducted?

No, the SELLERLOGIC fees are shown in a separate section at the transaction level.

When do you charge the 25 % fee?

The fee will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month.

What are the consequences of not using Lost & Found or ignoring the problems?

Amazon imposes different deadlines for various types of errors, some up to 18 months. Every passing day can result in reimbursement claims for FBA errors expiring, causing you to miss out on the money rightfully owed to you.

Dealing with cases
Do I need to actively participate in the reimbursement process as a user?

No, typically, SELLERLOGIC handles the entire reimbursement process for you – from error analysis to the crediting of funds to your Amazon account. In rare cases, documents may be required from you, such as invoices from your supplier or proof of delivery. If this is the case, you will receive a notification from SELLERLOGIC via email.

Does SELLERLOGIC close the cases automatically by using the information from Seller Central?

Cases are closed based on completed reimbursements. This ensures that SELLERLOGIC verifies that the promised refund from Amazon has indeed been received.

What do I do if Amazon does not agree to a reimbursement?

Our FBA experts will communicate with Amazon from the moment the case is found, enforcing your claim. No communication with Amazon is required from your end.

Could there be an issue if I (additionally) check incoming shipments (to Amazon) manually via the delivery schedule (shipping menu) and apply for reimbursements myself?

If the case was opened at Amazon for delivery before the case was published by Lost & Found, the case will be closed free of charge. Contact SELLERLOGIC Support for this

Why do the estimated and actual reimbursements sometimes differ?

The calculation basis is an average selling price over a certain period, which may not always be fully available to the system. The estimated amount serves only as a guideline for a potential refund amount. The exact refund amount will be displayed to you in the SELLERLOGIC refund overview.

What about products that are damaged on their way to the customer and for which Amazon simply sends a “new” product?

SELLERLOGIC also detects these errors. Refunds can be claimed from Amazon for up to 18 months for this case type.

In my case, no estimated refund is displayed. What could be the reason for this?

If no estimated refund is displayed for your cases, it may be because the necessary data is not available to the system.

Does Lost & Found also identify missing returns or only items lost in the Amazon warehouse?

SELLERLOGIC also identifies orders that were not returned and have already been refunded by Amazon.

Contract informationen
Are the services provided by SELLERLOGIC compliant with GDPR?

Yes. A corresponding contract is provided for all services by SELLERLOGIC.

Is it also possible to book only the Lost & Found module, or do I have to book it together with the Repricer?

You can book each module separately.

How long is the notice period?

SELLERLOGIC can be canceled daily. No notice period is required. However, after deactivation, all open cases must be processed within the set period.

Do you have any questions?

Our support is there for you.

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