SellerLogic Lost & Found: Automated Identification of FBA Errors

A lot of money is lost due to unclaimed FBA errors.

Without intelligent automation, FBA errors can only be identified with great effort. If you do not make this effort for your company, chances are that you will lose a lot of money due to unclaimed reimbursements. Most people don’t have the know-how and/or the necessary time to manually analyze every small detail, merge the necessary reports and interpret errors. As a result, medium-sized companies who use FBA can lose several thousand euros a year. SellerLogic makes the FBA errors visible and supports you with preparation of data, documentation of cases and communication with Amazon. Use our unique solution now: SellerLogic Lost & Found.

* The calculation is based on errors found with Lost & Found customers.
(Status: January 2021)

Ø Unclaimed FBA reimbursements

6,800 € *

Nobody Packs Perfectly. FBA Errors Happen. SellerLogic Lost & Found Detects Them for You.

The employees in Amazon shipping centers handle many complex logistics processes and work under enormous time and performance pressure.

ERP systems, booking systems, payment systems and transport systems carry out work steps during, before and after the process; customers receive articles and return articles. Errors cannot be avoided in such a complex work environment.

FBA errors can happen, but they must not be left undiscovered.

Lost & Found Identifies Undiscovered Reimbursement Claims

Each conspicuous transaction is created in Lost & Found as a separate transaction. Four different case stages – New Cases, In Progress (Response from Amazon pending), In Review (Response from SellerLogic pending), Closed – show the current status of your findings. Various filter options make it easy to find the data you are looking for.

Specify which events you want to be notified about via browser notification or e-mail.

Overview of Case Types

There are different types of cases. Lost & Found covers the case types “Order“, “FBA fees” and “Inventory“. The following errors can occur and are found by Lost & Found. More case types will be added in the future!

Lost in Warehouse

  • Items get lost in an Amazon warehouse because a customer return is scanned at the entrance but does not make it back to your inventory. Amazon does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Your items are not listed in the corresponding inventory due to a missing scan, despite having been returned to the warehouse.

Inventory / Stock

  • Inventory is missing and Amazon does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Amazon damages your items within their warehouse and does not reimburse you proactively.
  • Amazon destroys items in a sellable status without your express permission and before the 30-day time period has expired.

Missing Returns

  • The customer has initiated to return the item, already received a refund but you have not been credited back the corresponding amount by Amazon even though the refund lies more than 60 days in the past.

Inbound Shipments

  • The goods have been shipped by the seller, but have not arrived at the Amazon warehouse or have not arrived in total.
  • Amazon deducts your stock after the shipment was closed.

FBA Fees

  • Amazon overcharges you due to wrong measurements in regard to size and weight of your package.

Get up to €200,000 reimbursed from Amazon!

SellerLogic Lost & Found

Are you an FBA seller?

Then there’s a big chance that Amazon owes you money. SellerLogic Lost & Found detects a large number of reimbursement cases for you and makes Amazon refund them. Interested? Experience Lost & Found for yourself in a secure demo environment! See for yourself and check which case types can also occur in your business.

With no strings attached, free of charge and without connecting your Amazon account.

Identify Your Claims and Enforce Them Cost-effectively

Lost & Found allows you to discover a new calculation of profitability. In just one click, SellerLogic offers you a solution for individual reimbursement claims for which previously it was not worth investing time and effort.

While you are working on your daily tasks, complex analyses and calculations are performed on the tool. Receive accurate information that allows you to open your claims cases. With a reasonable cost-benefit ratio, you can assert your claims.

Only a Professional Solution Can Detect FBA Problems Skillfully

A successful analysis of individual transactions requires the consolidation of multiple FBA reports, which may have to cover long periods of time. A manual or Excel-supported data processing is not economically feasible due to the complexity of various problem sources and the enormous amount of time required.

Sandra Schriewer

Samtige Haut

SellerLogic Lost & Found is irreplaceable for every FBA merchant in two ways: First of all, it shows reimbursements from Amazon of which one did not even know before. Secondly, it saves an unbelievable amount of time you would have needed for research and processing the cases. This time can now be allocated to different areas.

Complex System, Simple to Use

A structured and self-explanatory presentation with all relevant information enables fast and efficient processing. The claims found are explained and documented in detail. Before you submit the case to Amazon, you will be able to fully understand the facts of the case as well as the expected amount of reimbursement.

The content is available to you ready for copying and only needs to be transferred to SellerCentral. This creates the best conditions for a well-founded case opening.

A Carefree Package

Should the Amazon support staff have difficulties understanding the process after the case has been opened, SellerLogic will support you in further clarification.

Simple Connection and Menu Navigation

Our goal is to save the seller as much work as possible by automating complex and time-consuming processes.

  • Fast and easy connection via the Amazon MWS API
  • Clear, self-explanatory presentation, as well as support of professionals in communication with Amazon

Your Benefits

Choose to reimburse your money after FBA errors. Use the SellerLogic Lost & Found system.
Otherwise, your money may be lost.

Automated Analysis

Monitor your FBA processes for possible deviations or errors.

Simple and Intuitive

With just a few clicks, you can submit an optimally documented case to Amazon.

Historical Review

Some errors can be reported and reimbursed retroactively for up to 18 months.

Support by Professionals

If Amazon does not agree to the refund immediately, we will support you in bringing forth your claim.

Time Saving

Let Lost & Found do the work while you have more time for other things.

Fair Conditions

We only charge our fee for successfully reimbursed cases by Amazon.

*No basic fee is charged. The commission is initially calculated on the basis of the fees reimbursed by Amazon. An exception to this is the late or non-existent cooperation of the user on reporting or ignoring the existing cases. The system will provide a response deadline for the user to take action in this cooperation. If the deadline expires, the commission will be charged regardless of further processing in the case.

Request your Amazon FBA reimbursement now before your claim expires!



of the reimbursement value

No additional costs*

Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions
Other Topics:
Dealing with cases
Contract information
How do you get the FBA data / interface?

We use the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API interface and extract the data from the system that is relevant for our research.

Is the reimbursment a gross payment, are the 20% charged gross or net at the time of invoicing?

The 20% commission for Lost & Found is calculated on the total amount reimbursed by Amazon.

What Information is required from you and how will this information be used?

Our payment service provider requires our customers’ credit card data to process their payments, including the CVC2 number. This number consists of three- or four-digits which are printed (not embossed) on the credit card. This number is required by our payment service provider to verify the cardholder’s identity. The transmission of this number is a secure and standardized, international process. The processing of credit card data is carried out exclusively and under full PCI conformity by SellerLogic’s payment service provider. SellerLogic does not – at any time – hold or store information regarding the credit card data of its customers. If you have any further questions on this topic, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.

In closed cases and in “actual reimbursement “, is the Lost & Found fee already deducted?

No, the SellerLogic fees are shown in a separate section at transaction level.

When do you charge the 20%?

The fee will be invoiced at the beginning of the following month.

What are the consequences of not using Lost & Found or ignoring the problems?

Depending on the kind of error Amazon has different deadlines. The fee of 20% of the expected refund will be charged regardless of the further progress of the case. Note: On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense not to claim a possible refund for yourself by using L&F, it’s your money, after all!

Dealing with cases
Do I have to manually enter every result of a case in Seller Logic to report the result or does this happen automatically?

If there is a query or notification from Amazon (except for reimbursement confirmations), please copy-paste it into SellerLogic in the case and send it to us. We cannot automatically access the cases.

If Amazon does not agree to a reimbursement, will I get another pre-formulated answer from SellerLogic for Amazon?

No, but our Customer Support will assist you with the analysis and checking of the answer. Please communicate this directly in the SellerLogic system for the case.

Does SellerLogic close the cases automatically by using the information from Seller Central?

The cases will be closed once the payment has been issued, this way we ensure that the promised reimbursement by Amazon actually takes place.

So far, how has Amazon responded to the standard messages generated by Lost & Found?

Since the cases are justified, Amazon reimburses without any objections.

Could there be an issue if I (additionally) check incoming shipments (to Amazon) manually via the delivery schedule (shipping menu) and apply for reimbursements myself?

If the case was opened at Amazon for a delivery before the case was published by Lost & Found, the case will be closed free of charge.

Why are reimbursements partially differentiated from actual reimbursements?

The calculation is based on an average selling price over a certain period of time, which we do not always have in its entirety. The amount of the expected reimbursement is for only for guidance.

What about products which are damaged on their way to the customer and for which Amazon simply sends a “new” product?

We also detect such errors. Restitution can be claimed from Amazon for up to 6 months.

What about goods that are incorrectly booked into Amazon when they arrive, where I can open a case myself. Do I have to pay the 20% fee?

If the case was opened at Amazon for a delivery before the case was published by Lost & Found, the case will be closed free of charge.

In my cases, no expected reimbursement is displayed. What could be the reason?

We are lacking the necessary data.

Is Lost & Found also used to record shipments that were not returned or only those that were lost in the Amazon warehouse?

Orders that have not been returned and have already been reimbursed by Amazon are also recorded.

Contract informationen
What about an order data processing contract (ADV) and the GDPR guidelines?

No order data processing contract (ADV) is required to use Lost & Found, as we do not access any customer data. A corresponding contract is made available to the Repricer.

Is it also possible to book only the Lost & Found module or do I have to book it together with the Repricer?

You can book each module separately.

How long is the notice period?

It can be cancelled daily. But after deactivation, all open cases must be processed within the set period.

Do you have any questions?

Our support is there for you.

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