The Only Profit Dashboard You Need for Your Amazon Business

All costs and revenues in one tool – unburden yourself of excessive manual effort to get an overview of your business analytics on Amazon

Business Analytics Clarifies Complex Data and Enables Better Decision-Making

To successfully manage and grow your Amazon business and increase sales and profits, you need a comprehensive overview of facts and figures. A comprehensive business analytics tool for Amazon is the only way to make the right decisions in the shortest amount of time.

The best Amazon analytics tool for sellers

Say No To…

… spending a lot of time gathering and combining data from Amazon to get the complete picture you need.

… spending a lot of time on a manual calculation of true profit for every product in your inventory.

… spending a huge amount of money unnecessarily on an expert to dig into Amazon’s complex reports.

… spending time and effort on sourcing new products without knowing the performance value of your current portfolio.

Business analytics tool for Amazon with detailed profit breakdown

A Single Tracking Source for Your Amazon Business

SELLERLOGIC Business Analytics, unlike other Amazon analytic tools, provides you with an accurate analysis that allows to calculate your profit for every sold product. You will no longer need an Amazon profit calculator because the Business Analytics profit dashboard allows you to:

  • Track the performance at the most granular level possible – on the account, marketplace, and product levels and dive deep into each transaction reported by Amazon that occurs on these levels.
  • Get data in no time – You have quick access to the detailed profit breakdown provided by the KPI widget.
  • Save your precious time – Import all your costs and track your true profit in near real-time and backwards for investments’ efficiency.
  • Your decision is what matters – Decide yourself which KPIs are important for future investments.

Be the Master of Your Own Data

Accurate performance tracking

Business Analytics provides accurate in-depth data on account, marketplace, or product level. You have multiple functions at your disposal – use the widgets to dive into the specifics of your performance from any particular product to multiple Amazon accounts, and keep track of each transaction that occurs on these levels.

Do you need quick access to only one marketplace or a whole group of accounts? Easy! You can create marketplace groups according to your preferences and edit them on your own behalf.

Focus on your performance without limits. Get the highest possible resolution of your success at the transaction level – see not only those transactions reported by Amazon but also manual product costs that you assign yourself. Keep track of your products’ development and filter the unnecessary information, because you decide what is important for you.

Do you want to know your real revenue at any specific time? Just pick any date or a whole date range within two years in the past – this is the real control over your business.

You don’t know all your products by heart? Just filter by product title, SKU, or ASIN – we do everything for your comfort.

You are the only expert you need

Stop wasting time checking your profit and loss in numerous reports. The Business Analytics tool displays all your data conveniently and intuitively. Access all the Amazon analytics for the chosen period by hovering over the chart to see your data in more detail.

With all necessary information in one place, you will be able to see changes in near real-time and receive accurate profit calculations for every product you sell, on whichever marketplace.

Actual profit calculation for any product at any time period? Personalized metrics display with a focus on those that are most important to you? With the convenient Amazon profit dashboard, you got that all!

Need the data in a different format for multiple purposes? Simply download the Sales History Chart in PNG or PDF format or export the data we provide for you as a .csv or .xlsx sheet and deep dive into your data.

Your decision is what matters

The Dashboard offers two viewing options – “Order” and “Transaction” – which can be toggled by clicking the “Change view” button. The Order view displays data based on the order creation date, while the Transaction view displays data based on the date a transaction actually occurred.

Also, the Sales History chart provides you with an overview of all relevant data in seconds. How do we know the data is relevant for you? Because you can choose it yourself.

Pre-define what data you want to be displayed in the Sales History section of the Dashboard workspace area and change it whenever and to whatever suits you best.

Get data in no time

You need reliable information and you need it in seconds? The Key Performance Indicator widget delivers an immediate sketch of your profit & loss at a single glance.

By displaying the data in different time blocks – divided into today, yesterday, last week, and last month – every column accommodates the data that you depend on each day.

Amazon analytics tool with cost of goods overview

Get the Most Out of Your Product

Make the decision process about individual products faster and easier. With just a few clicks you get an overview of which products you should use to achieve the desired margin and which you should get rid of as quickly as possible.

It’s not just a product list, it’s your personalized playground

  • Include your individual costs easily – import those costs that Amazon does not take into consideration.
  • Calculate true profit for any product at any time period without using additional tools like Amazon profit calculator.
  • Make the most of your tools – as a SELLERLOGIC Repricer user, you can save your precious time by controlling products’ costs with just one tool.
Detailed 'Orders' page in our Amazon Analytics Tool showcasing real-time tracking, item-specific costs, and comprehensive revenue-expense breakdown for an optimized Amazon business management.

We show what Amazon is hiding – Have your orders under control!

Need a detailed snapshot of your Amazon orders? You got it! The “Orders” page gives you near real-time data on every order, regardless of status. Stay informed, stay in control.

The page displays exhaustive details for every item, as reported by Amazon, and comes equipped with a multi-level filter for effective order tracking. What’s more? It includes every manual product cost for each order item. Need to export the grid results? Do it in a jiffy, up to 100 lines per operation.

Take a deep dive into the “Orders” grid for a comprehensive summary of each order. It’s all there: item specifics, expense breakdown, and the calculation of your key KPIs.

Want a deeper cost breakdown, including manual costs for each sold item? Just tap on the ‘Amazon fees’ or ‘Expenses’ columns.

Get complete order details, a product listing, and a full revenue-expense breakdown. Make sense of your profit margins and ROI in a straightforward, clear manner.

Remember, order details are always current. Whether Amazon reports new information or you adjust manual costs, all updates are reflected in your order details promptly. This is business control at your fingertips.

Import and Export Have Never Been Easier

Managing the costs of your online business becomes more time-consuming and exhausting the longer your product list gets. SELLERLOGIC is here to take that off your hands. The Import/Export function in Business Analytics allows you not only to import and export all current product costs simultaneously but also to automate these processes in order to save time.

Moreover, if you are looking for a more custom-tailored approach befitting your company size or product range, you also have the option to create your own templates. Business Analytics gives you full control over your process optimization, enabling you to take the most efficient option every time.


Current product costs that can be imported include the cost of goods, shipping costs for FBM sellers, VAT costs and other fees that your company may have, like storaging.

Simply download the SELLERLOGIC template, add your current product costs and start the import. If you have data that needs to be imported regularly, you can create a template that automates the import process, saving you the hassle of having to repeat this task anew every time it’s necessary.

Moreover, SELLERLOGIC Repricer users can conveniently enable the product cost data synchronization to Business Analytics via bulk action.


Easily export the costs and general information regarding your products by using one of the templates we have provided for you or by using a template you created yourself, given that this is more suited.

As is the case with the Import function, you can also automate this process and save valuable time. As we have already mentioned in the import section, this is very practical for cases where you have data that needs to be exported recurrently.

This also saves you the tedious and repetitive task of exporting data every time it’s necessary. Time you can now spend wisely elsewhere. 

The Process Starts Here

Deep dive into your costs

Do you want to check out if a listing is worth your precious time? Or if it would make sense to sell it on a different marketplace? Just import your costs, calculate the value of the product and see changes fast.

Get accurate profit calculations for every product that you want to sell throughout various Amazon marketplaces and accounts.

Stop worrying about cost gaps once the first cost period is created – just choose the start date for every cost period you want.

You are the creator – so create any cost type in any currency. It’s your area.

Tedious manual adjustments are a thing of the past – you can transfer the costs for the same product for multiple marketplaces.

Make the SELLERLOGIC Business Analytics tool for Amazon your playground, because here, your decision comes first.

Make the most of your tools

Are you a SELLERLOGIC Repricer user already? Yes? That’s wonderful.

In that case, you draw even more advantages with the Business Analytics tool for Amazon. Thanks to the interconnection of the products, you save even more time. How so?

The “My products” area in SELLERLOGIC Repricer looks amazingly similar, so you don’t have to get used to a new tool!

By being connected to the Repricer all your product costs will constantly and automatically be transferred to Business Analytics.

With this feature, you can say no to using different resources to get data for all business branches. The manual effort to combine big data is eliminated from your time agenda!

Continue making sales and concentrate on what’s most important for your business. Let us do the rest!

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Design the functions

Personalize your Business Analytics Dashboard for your own needs and get accurate profit calculation of every product.


Optimize the process

Identify exactly which products are your cash cow and discover a new way of overviewing business activity.

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