90% of all Amazon sales take place in the Buy Box. Our Repricer gives 100% for you to win the Buy Box.

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Amazon repricing from SellerLogic. Sell more - at higher prices

With Repricing you position your offers attractively and visibly for buyers in the Amazon Buy Box. SellerLogic's Repricer for Amazon works intelligently and fast.

Increase your sales. With the dynamic price adjustment of SellerLogic you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Win the Amazon Buy Box more often, increase your Sales volume and your turnover at the best price in a competitive context.

Repricing is the key to success with Amazon. The dynamic price adjustment of SellerLogic reacts quickly to the Amazon price changes. Our modular designed tool for Amazon price optimization offers different strategies. It works reliably, in compliance with data protection regulations, securely and at fair conditions.

Sell more - at higher prices

Not in the Buy Box with a non-optimal price
In the Buy Box with a non-optimal price
Best price in the Buy Box with SellerLogic
SellerLogic ist Amazon AWS Partner

SellerLogic is - technically - part of the Amazon Partner Network

It is our goal to always provide you with the best and most modern repricing services. That's why we use the latest technologies for SellerLogic. The connection to Amazon is made via the Amazon MWS API. High availability and scalability of the system is guaranteed by hosting at Amazon AWS.

Our customers should always be that one step ahead of their competitors.

Repricing with SellerLogic - get into the Buy Box dynamically

About 90% of all sales are made in the Amazon Buy Box. Therefore, one of the main goals is to win the Buy Box. Once this goal is reached, the SellerLogic Repricer for Amazon works automatically for the second goal of price optimization: for the best price.

Sell in the Buy Box at the best price

Once you are in the Buy Box with an item, SellerLogic optimizes the price of that item so that you sell at the best (meaning not the lowest) price. This goal is reachable, because our repricer is based on an intelligent, algorithmic and BigData working technology. The SellerLogic Repricer for Amazon achieves both goals: to enter the Buy Box and sell at the highest possible price. The maximum price in the Buy Box is the result of the addition of all of the optimizations.

Daniel Bournot


Since I have been using SellerLogic, FBA sales have increased by 20%. On top of that, many articles are sold more expensive than before. The support is first-class.

Unterschiede des SellerLogic Repricers zu anderen Preisopimierer

What makes SellerLogic better than ordinary repricers?

Conventional Repricer for Amazons usually work with rule optimization. You can imagine it this way: simple repricers try to trigger sales with static minimum prices. The strategy here is called: The main thing is low price. With a rule optimization, however, profits are quickly lost. Only with a lot of luck you get into the Buy Box with a rule optimization (thus only with the cheapest price). Usually this position is not held for long because a trivial rule is always at a disadvantage compared to a dynamic adjustment. A trivial Repricer for Amazon tool, for example, receives the instruction from the seller: "Our product should always be 5 cents cheaper than the cheapest one". The Amazon seller, however, can only be sure that he is entering the race with the lowest price at Amazon.

With simple repricers there is a problem that can quickly cost you a lot of money

  • How do the sellers get into the the Buy Box? In some cases this can be determined if there is a difference of 2 cents or several euros in the price. However, if a fixed optimization rule is set, such as "90 cents below the lowest price", although 2 cents would have been enough, in this case the sellers lose 88 cents for each sale. In other cases, they lose even more.
  • Other factors, including customer satisfaction, are also crucial for a product to win the Buy Box. These factors are constantly changing.
  • To only take in consideration the "cheapest price"does not assure the optimial success. A seller with top performance can even be several euros above the cheapest price - and still win the Buy Box.

Win with different optimization strategies

The SellerLogic Repricing Tool offers you significantly more possibilities and flexibility than the "main cheap strategy" of other tools that only optimize based on the low price. Thus allowing you to choose between different levels of automation.

The settings range from fully automatic optimization on the Buy Box with the highest price, through optimization on position, e.g. to achieve targeted awareness or simply to be present, up to sales figure based strategies for manufacturers and private label providers.

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How SellerLogic Repricing works

Fast, easy Setup and Launch

Our Repricer is quickly configured, works independently and efficiently.


Connect your Amazon account

After connecting your Amazon account to our platform, we automatically upload your product list via the Amazon MWS API.

The duration of the setup process depends on the number of SKUs listed at Amazon.


Enter Min and Max prices

Give us price information that is relevant for the optimization - minimum and maximum price limits.

You can import all the necessary information automatically to save time.


Start your price optimization

SellerLogic is technically complex, but its operation is simple and self-explanatory.

Once the optimization process is done with steps 1 and 2 you'll be able to see the first results after a short period of time.

Keep control

Set a maximum and minimum price limits by defining fixed values or instead let us dynamically calculate the values based on the desired margin.Thus you can always be sure that you will achieve the desired minimum margin and not make any losses.

Ingo Plug

FutureStyle GmbH

Since I have been using Sellerlogic, I save more than 1 hour of work a day on the price control. Especially the Buy Box strategy has increased my profit. A higher price, and still in the Buy Box. In that case I quickly got back in the small basic fee. Now I have the perfect price 24/7. Thank you!

Ingo Plug

FutureStyle GmbH

Since I have been using Sellerlogic, I save more than 1 hour of work a day on the price control. Especially the Buy Box strategy has increased my profit. A higher price, and still in the Buy Box. In that case I quickly got back in the small basic fee. Now I have the perfect price 24/7. Thank you!

Your key benefits with SellerLogic

The best Repricer. Many providers say so. But only a Repricer can be the best.


Our dynamic algorithm

Our repricing system works with a dynamic algorithm that optimizes your prices according to the price changes of your competitors. This is a key advantage compared to the optimization of unflexible rules.


The optimal selling price

Our repricer does not optimize for the lowest price, but for the optimal price. So you can concentrate on the Amazon Buy Box. Say goodbye to costly price dumping.


Easily track results

With the SellerLogic monitoring system you have the most important information at a glance. Quickly identify which products have the best prices and which can still be optimized.


SellerLogic is infinitely scalable

Work profit-oriented from the first product. SellerLogic scales your sales processes and volumes indefinitely and flexibly.

Frank Jemetz

FJ Trading GmbH

Since we have been using SellerLogic we have achieved ideal results with less effort. This success is due to the pricing strategy we have set up, taking into consideration the fact that we have 60,000 items and up to 2 million price changes per day.

Choose your optimization strategy flexibly

The SellerLogic Repricer offers much more than conventional strategies, which aim exclusively for the lowest price. SellerLogic offers you several options to optimize your business on Amazon:

  • You can run price optimization fully automated.
  • Optionally, you can set up specific optimization rules for individual products with just a few clicks.
  • In addition, you can freely define product groups. In turn, you can assign individual strategies to the product groups.

Our repricer will implement the rules you want. Of course, you can change your strategy at any time and adapt it to your wishes. This flexibility enables you to optimise profits in your online business.

Kristian Otto Kelm Testimonial

Christian Otto Kelm

Amazon Advicer

The provision of different strategy scenarios impressed me immediately at SellerLogic. The benefit for all sellers has to be highlighted, no matter if small private brands, big well-known brands or resellers. The benefits are the same for everyone. So much flexibility in the dynamic adaptation saves time, nerves and a lot of work. The change is worth it in every respect.

The following strategies are available for you:


Buy Box

Buy Box - win the pole position and sell at the best prices

Focus on the Amazon Buy Box to increase your sales opportunities. Once your products are in the Buy Box, your product prices will be further optimized to get the maximum performance out of your selling price. In the Buy Box, you can charge significantly higher prices than cheaper sellers who have not achieved this status. This pole position accounts for 90% of all sales.

With SellerLogic's Amazon price optimization you can pursue both goals simultaneously and fully automatically. Thanks to our Amazon tool, you have the best chances of getting the Buy Box and also achieve the optimum sales price for your products.



Define your own strategies according to your needs

Of course, our Amazon price optimization also offers you the opportunity to create your own strategies. SellerLogic provides you with a multitude of different parameters for this purpose. This gives you absolute freedom for optimization and allows you to easily display special scenarios.

You can create as many strategies as you want so that they can respond to your needs. In this way, you can assign these strategies to products individually or by product groups, giving you the maximum flexibility for the price of your products.



Control of product prices based on order numbers

Your sales figures are relevant for this optimization strategy. SellerLogic adjusts your sales price upwards as soon as you receive orders within a defined period of time. If the expected sales figures are not achieved, our price tool corrects the price downwards. To illustrate the benefits of this strategy: You can control the price of a product using the number of orders.

You specify the minimum number of times an item must be sold in a given period (e.g. five times a day or ten times a week). If this goal is not reached or, in the worst case, there is no sale at all, reduce the price by a few cents to create a higher incentive to buy.


Daily Push

Change prices dynamically over the course of a day

The daily push strategy is based on one day's selling figures. A starting price is defined at which the sale starts daily at 0:00. Then one or more limits can be defined within which the price - depending on the buying behavior - can be automatically raised or lowered. This is done on the basis of units sold. With this strategy it is possible to sell a defined quantity of items at a starting price and further items at a higher or lower price.

Presumed that a higher sale is required for a certain period of time: in such a case, the price is reset to the basic value in order to ensure the visibility and presence of the article.


Manufacturer Coming Soon

In this optimization process, our tool analyzes your sales figures and trends to determine the optimal price. If demand and sales increase, the selling price also rises up to the maximum price defined by you. If the figures show a decreasing demand, the system reduces the price. This "pushes" your offer. Sales is increasingly boosted up to the final sale.


Elastic Price Coming Soon

Even if you have no competitors on your product, you can optimize. Find the perfect price at which you can sell as much as possible and have the highest margin.

SellerLogic calculates the optimal product price depending on the history of sales. Use the price dynamics; discover the connections of the product demand.

Group products. Assign strategies to product groups. Save time.

How to achieve more and be significantly faster

With the SellerLogic Repricer you can combine individual products into groups. Just a few mouse clicks are enough. Each group can be assigned its own optimization strategy.

You can also set your own strategy for each individual product.

You can control product groups or products that match from your point of view comfortably with the optimization strategy you have selected.

Time control for even more flexibility

Different prices on different days and hours

  • You define when and with which strategy our system works for you.
  • This makes you more flexible than ever before.
  • With just a few clicks, you define the starting time for an optimization.
  • You can also define different strategies for different time periods.
  • This control is very useful for planned actions and trials.

Import and Export

Change fields / create templates while the dataset can remain unchanged


Our import function has 138 fields per SKU. This makes it possible to control all settings via the import. Each field can be changed individually. The complete dataset of the product does not need to be imported. Three mandatory fields are enough to clearly assign the parameters to the product. Automate your processes completely by connecting your ERP system with SellerLogic.


Experience flexibility with 256 fields per SKU. Create templates that contain only the fields you want and are included in the export. Once the fields are defined, individual filters can be applied to make the export as accurate as possible.Experience flexibility with 256 fields per SKU. Create templates that contain only the desired fields and can be taken into account during export. Once the fields are defined, individual filters can be used to make the export as accurate as possible.


Export key figures for up to20 competitors!

Now you can export all important key figures for up to 20 competitors per product consisting of information as price, shipping method, Buy Box winner, etc.. With this information you can make your decisions at the right time with highest precision.

SellerLogic Amazon Repricer Dashboard Ansicht

In-depth analysis and optimal information processing

SellerLogic Dashboard - all information at a glance

SellerLogic Amazon Repricer Dashboard Ansicht

Order history for the last 14 days

Monitor the sales development of the last 14 days of all your Amazon marketplaces. If there are any major deviations, you will be able to recognize them immediately.


Number of orders 24 hours

See how your orders from the last 24 hours are spread across individual Amazon marketplaces. This way you can focus on the markets that are most profitable for you.


The Buy Box distribution

Immediately recognize how many products are in the Buy Box, which are not and who have no Buy Box at all. A very important indicator to make quick decisions.


This is how often we change your prices

We show you how often we have made price changes for you in the last 24 hours in the respective marketplace. See how much time we have saved you.


Know when your customers are buying

The Heatmap shows you when your customers buy from you. This allows you to plan and successfully implement actions on the desired days and hours.

Coming Soon

Detailed Price History

Reasonable projections only with good historical data

Always see how fast the market changes. Price changes can be tracked for each product. This gives you the perfect overview of our work. With just one mouse click you can see the overview of how your prices and those of your competitors have developed in the past.

SellerLogic Repricer Statistik Übersicht

One system for all countries


Other countries - same overview

In its central system, SellerLogic shows all prices at one glance, no matter in which countries you sell. You can easily manage your item prices for each country.

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

  • Japan
  • Australia

Flexible and fair pricing

The costs depend on the number of countries in which you sell. The number of listed SKUs that you offer at Amazon also affects the prices.


You save 5%
You save 10%
You save 15%

Your price


Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

Now 14 days free trial

No costs until the end of the free trial period

Are you switching from another repricing provider to SellerLogic? With us for the transition period you pay ... nothing

Use SellerLogic free of charge until the end of your current contract (maximum 12 months) with your previous provider.

Are you switching from another repricing provider to SellerLogic? Pay with us for the transition period... nothing

Use SellerLogic for free until the end of your current contract (maximum of 12 months) with your previous provider.

Start your free trial period now

Once you have started your personal and free trial period, you will also need to take a few minutes to register. You can then start your trial period with SellerLogic's Repricer for 14 days. We do not need payment information for the trial period: we are convinced that we can convince you.

Frank Jemetz

FJ Trading GmbH

Since the use of SellerLogic our expenditure of time is very low and the success is optimal thanks to the stored price strategy, and that with 60,000 articles and up to 2 million price changes per day.

The most important at a glance

  • Increase your sales
  • Save valuable time and money
  • Set your price range
  • Determine the strategy of price optimization
  • Automatically adjust prices according to your specifications
  • SellerLogic offers a modular system
  • Our Amazon price optimization works in any country
  • We offer comprehensive monitoring and price history
  • Rely on the highest standards of data protection and security
  • Trial the system now 14 days free of charge and without any obligations
Now 14 days free trial
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Other Topics:
Functionality14 days trial periodContract information
Is it possible for the Repricer to transfer the data from other repricers for minimum and maximum prices?
Yes, that is possible. However, the field descriptions usually have to be renamed. Our Customer Support will be happy to assist you.
I don't know how you want to reach the Buy Box without a massively low price?
FBA & FBM Prime offers against FBM offers usually reach a higher selling price and can therefore sell more expensive in the Buy Box. FBM offers, on the other hand, have to significantly undercut the price to win the BuyBox.
If several sellers use a repricer, will the price not be optimized downwards?
It depends on the constellation of the offers. If several repricers are used at the same time, the probability that the price will go down is high. An intelligent repricer like SellerLogic also raises the price if it makes sense to avoid staying on the minimum price.
Does it make sense to use a repricer for private label products?
Even private label products can be optimized. Instead of a fixed price, the price can also be increased or decreased if sales increase or decrease.
Is it necessary to install SellerLogic as software?
SellerLogic works completely web-based and independent from installed software. All you need is an internet-enabled device with internet access and a current version of the web browser.
Is the tool also usable without import/export files, so everything can be operated via a web interface?
The use of the import/export functionalities is optional. All settings are available via the web interface.
Can I compare different conditions, e.g. "used good" with "used very good"?
All conditions are comparable with each other. The SellerLogic Repricer offers this function in the "manual strategy".
14 days trial period
How does the 14 days trial period work?
Start your personal trial period now free of charge and without any obligation. Register at https://www.sellerlogic.com/en/ and within a few minutes all functions will be available to you without restriction. After that you have 14 days to check the SellerLogic Repricer in full detail.
What happens when the 14 days trial period ends?
The trial period ends automatically and without any obligation. If the SellerLogic price optimization is continued to be used to the full extent, the subscription must be actively extended.
Contract information
What payment methods are accepted?
SellerLogic accepts credit card.
Do I have to renew my subscription on my own before it expires?
The 14 days trial period expires without further action and does not have to be cancelled. If an uninterrupted transition time to a paid subscription is desired, a follow-up subscription must be selected. The follow-up subscription begins with the termination of the free trial period.
Is it possible to book Germany as a marketplace and book Italy at a later date?
Marketplaces can be booked at any time. They are independent of the already selected duration of the existing marketplace. It is therefore possible to book 12 months for Germany and to add Italy at a later date with a term of 3 months.
Can I view and reprint already issued invoices at SellerLogic?
In the customer area, SellerLogic offers the possibility to view, store and print invoices locally.
Are all strategies included in the monthly price?
The monthly price includes all functions and strategies in full extent. The monthly price is only defined by error-free created SKUs.
What about an ADV (order data processing contract) and the GDPR guidelines?
A corresponding contract is provided for the Repricer.
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