Refunds with a Click

“Samtige Haut” receives reimbursements from Amazon through Lost & Found

November 2016

Cosmetics, nutritional supplements, organic products

Items in Amazon:

around 8,000 per month


In 2018 Amazon had a turnover of 232.9 billion US dollars. Around 45 percent of the German Amazon sellers ship their goods via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Sandra Schriewer – owner of the Amazon shop “Samtige Haut” (German for “Smoothest Skin”) – is one of them. Despite all the benefits of the FBA program, it is no longer possible for online merchants to keep track of the data flow of FBA transactions as sales increase. For this reason, the analysis is not performed at all.


Sandra Schriewer originally comes from the cosmetics industry. During her work in the E-commerce sector in Berlin, she completed her studies in online marketing and E-commerce.

She wanted to put the knowledge she had acquired into practice and combine it with her passion for cosmetics and nutrition. This is how the Amazon shop “Samtige Haut” was created. With about 1,000 items and around 8,000 shipments per month via the FBA program, it was almost impossible to keep track of the immense data flow on Amazon. She soon realized that she needed a service provider who could help her control the processes of the FBA program. “As an online merchant, you rely on Fulfillment by Amazon, because the program makes the logistics processes in the company much easier. However, nobody’s perfect and of course, also leading companies like Amazon can make mistakes.

Manually checking for errors was out of the question. The analysis of the problem sources is very complex and requires an enormous amount of time. “That would go beyond any economic framework,” is what Sandra told us. “The Lost & Found solution from SELLERLOGIC was recommended to me by my husband, who already works with the service provider‘s Repricer and is very satisfied with the product. There are many solutions on the market that an Amazon business needs in order to be successful in their respective marketplaces. I believe Lost & Found is unique and indispensable for the FBA sellers”.


“The tool is not difficult to use and can be integrated quickly and easily. The step-by-step instructions – as well as the knowledge base – are very helpful and don‘t require any support from SELLERLOGIC. Lost & Found reports new cases every day and provides predefined text modules that can simply be copied and pasted into the Amazon Seller Central. I only have to copy and paste the work to get a refund from Amazon. Since the submitted cases are usually accepted without further questions, the whole process is kept very simple!”

Sandra Schriewer

CEO „Samtige Haut“

“There are many solutions on the market that an Amazon business needs in order to be successful on their respective marketplaces. I believe Lost & Found is unique and indispensable for the FBA sellers”.

Successful Results with SELLERLOGIC:

“Since Lost & Found traces individual transactions back up to 18 months, I received reimbursement of approximately 1,300 EUR immediately after the integration of the tool, which I would have never noticed without SELLERLOGIC. Before the integration of Lost & Found it was not clear to me how many packages had simply gone missing in the meantime. You can‘t check the amount of data manually and normally Amazon doesn‘t give you any feedback about the missing goods. With Lost & Found you get your money back and save yourself an enormous amount of time – thanks to the automated research and the submission of cases using the Copy & Paste feature.”

“I can only recommend everyone to integrate the solution into their own system. You have nothing to lose! The costs for SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found are very fair from my point of view because they are calculated proportionally to the actual reimbursement from Amazon. If nothing is found, no fees will be charged. Every day that passes by without Lost & Found costs money to the sellers. In addition, you have a maximum of 18 months to file your claims, in some cases even less” Sandra concludes for us.