More Buy Box, more turnover!

How FJ Trading increases Buy Box percentage and turnover with SELLERLOGIC!

Success Story: FJ Trading EN



Items on Amazon: 
approx. 100.000 SKUs

approx. 50.000 per month


Frank Jemetz has been actively selling in the world of online marketplaces since 2004. In the beginning, this was mainly done via eBay but he has now shifted to Amazon. “We have experimented with lots of products,” the CEO says today. “From inflatable boats to milk frothers.” Frank then decided to add Adidas sneakers to his portfolio. “And somehow that stuck really well.” Today, FJ Trading mainly sells shoes via online marketplaces, and they do so with ever-growing success.

Starting Out:

According to Frank, FJ Trading would not exist today without Amazon and the impossibly high amount of buyers that visit the online marketplace each month. “But the competitive pressure in retail is particularly fierce. It’s not uncommon that prices drop below the purchase price.”

However, making a deal where the company loses money is out of the question for Frank. “At the same time, we knew that we had to stay on Amazon, given the fact that it was – and still is – our most important sales platform.” It was clear that a different strategy was needed. “You can‘t keep up in the long run if you constantly prioritize closing the deal over making a good margin.” FJ Trading needed a way to optimize their prices dynamically and in direct response to their competition. With around 100,000 SKUs, however, it quickly became clear that manual processing was no longer an option. At this point, an automated tool was required.


“You can‘t do anything without a repricing tool,” Frank declares. “Since we‘ve been using the SELLERLOGIC Repricer, the Buy Box share of our products has increased significantly.” Particularly the integration of the Buy Box strategy was an important factor in FJ Trading‘s decision: “We had previously worked with another provider, but the tool did not optimize specifically for the Buy Box.” Even a programmed repricer did not achieve the desired results because the necessary effort was too high.

Frank Jemetz

CEO FJ Trading

The Buy Box strategy, which requires minimal manual effort, the low error rate and the fact that the Repricer works brilliantly speaks for the products of SELLERLOGIC!

Successful Results with SELLERLOGIC:

SELLERLOGIC’s Repricer works differently: “Once I have defined the rules, I don‘t have to worry about anything afterwards.” Thanks to the automatic imports, the setup was super easy and the results of the Repricer were also convincing: “The Buy Box quota is very good. In addition, its customer service is excellent and the tool is being continuously developed.”

“Also, the SELLERLOGIC Repricer has high availability. Errors are very rare and are quickly solved,” says Frank Jemetz. “It is also important that the system never falls below a set minimum price. “We don‘t want to fuel the price war on Amazon. With SELLERLOGIC we can rely on that!”

Frank is completely satisfied with SELLERLOGIC‘s Repricer: “The Buy Box strategy – which requires only minimal manual effort – and the low error rate already speak for SELLERLOGIC. But most importantly: The Repricer just works like a dream!”