No Time, No Manpower, No Resources

How Groupe Dragon still gets every FBA error reimbursed


Spare parts & electronic household devices

Items on Amazon: 
approx. 177,000 SKUs

approx. 37,000 per month


Groupe Dragon is one of the most successful French companies in the Amazon marketplace. And there is a reason for that: Before Groupe Dragon’s founder became an Amazon seller, he worked full-time as a repairman of electrical appliances. “Even then, he offered spare parts in his store,” says Florent Noualy, head of purchasing and marketplace strategy. “He realized that electrical appliances break much easier these days than they used to.”

In addition, there were new legal regulations that required manufacturers, for example, to keep spare parts in stock for a certain period of time. As a result of these changes, there has been a considerable growth in demand for repair supplies, especially online. The decision to also offer spare parts online was spot on: in the meantime, Groupe Dragon ranks among the top 5 most successful French Amazon sellers.

Starting Situation:

With its success, however, Groupe Dragon also faced new challenges that had to be overcome. “One of them was internationalization. Amazon was a great help in this because its easy access to other marketplaces meant that our company grew steadily,” says Florent Noualy. The German marketplace even became the leading sales channel.

But expansion via Amazon also opened the way for Groupe Dragon to offer branded products from Dyson or Elektrolux. “This massively increased our order and warehouse volume. When I joined the team in 2015, it became clear relatively quickly that we had to switch our fulfillment to FBA in the future. For us, this was the best option.”


Then Noualy received a message via LinkedIn from Monica, our Sales Development Representative at SellerLogic. “I already knew SellerLogic,” Noualy recalls, “and I was immediately interested in Lost & Found. It was already clear to me at that point that we were missing important information about our FBA processes.” Plus, no one on the Groupe Dragon team was capable of analyzing the huge volumes of data that Lost & Found does.

“Even though we’ve been selling on Amazon for years and have a solid grasp of how it works,” Noualy adds, “we didn’t have enough expertise to identify all types of errors.”
It was critical to get this situation under control. “When I activated Lost & Found then, I already anticipated that the tool would identify a lot of FBA errors. But I would have never ever expected the actual amount!”

Florent Noualy

Head of purchasing and marketplace strategy

“It was absolutely unacceptable to continue losing so much money, so the decision became clear: we would continue using Lost & Found.”

Successful Results with SellerLogic:

The very first run of Lost & Found brought 360 errors to light. Noualy was shocked. “It was absolutely unacceptable for us to continue losing that much money, so the decision was clear: We would keep using Lost & Found.” This turned out to be a good decision. So far, Lost & Found has brought the company around 25,000 euros in refunds that would otherwise have been lost.

But that’s not all. In addition, SellerLogic’s Groupe Dragon solution also saves us plenty of other resources, such as time and manpower. “Communication with Amazon has also become easier because Lost & Found provides us with the right information at all times.” That includes, for example, the templates that Groupe Dragon can use to respond immediately to Amazon’s automated responses. “All we need to do is simply copy these templates. Everything we need to know about an error can be found clearly displayed in Lost & Found.”

Florent Noualy is also enthusiastic about SellerLogic because customer service is included in the price: “If there are any issues with one of the open cases, the SellerLogic team is always available and does everything they can to help their customers and close the case at the best possible outcome.