“We pay for the Repricer with our Lost & Found reimbursements!”


Bakery and confectionery 

Items available on Amazon: 
a​​bout 3,000 SKUs

a​​pprox. 850 / month


The web agency UP‘NBOOST has successfully entered the bakery and confectionery market with their own brand “Univers Cake”. UP‘NBOOST originally designed the concept of Univers Cake for a customer, who in the end was not able to implement the idea due to lack of time. The agency, who believed strongly in the concept they had created, decided to implement Univers Cake by themselves. It soon became clear that the brand had a lot of potential – especially on Amazon. Sales started to increase rapidly on the online marketplace.

How it all started:

For Jean-Bernard Freymann, Co-Director at UP‘NBOOST, it was clear from the outset that the biggest challenge would be saving as much time as possible. Especially when you sell more than 1,500 products in a highly competitive environment without a brand. “We had to maintain our margins despite the conditions,“ says Freymann. “We have a large number of competitors on Amazon who sell exactly the same product. Therefore, the main factor is the price. It is hardly possible to keep an eye on the competition manually in a situation like this“.

Under these circumstances, the next logical step was to not only use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) but also a repricer in order to remain competitive and keep the Buy Box share at a high level. Before UP‘NBOOST discovered SELLERLOGIC, the agency had already used other repricers that, however, were not able to convince them technically or economically.


“In a sector where margins tend to be low, we have taken into account not only the benefits of the Repricer but also its costs as a key to success“ explains Freymann. “After looking at various solutions, SELLERLOGIC convinced us not only with their price but also with their special features such as the ability to apply different price adjustment strategies to specific product groups“.

UP‘NBOOST has also implemented the second SELLERLOGIC tool: Lost & Found now monitors all FBA processes and reliably reports any irregularities found in the Amazon logistics centres, allowing quick and simple refund applications.

Jean-Bernard Freymann

Co-director  UP’NBOOST

“With the FBA reimbursement we receive thanks to the second SELLERLOGIC tool, we can finance the Repricer!“

Success with SELLERLOGIC:

“The setup was quite simple: we only had to import one file with all our products and the respective minimum and maximum prices. The import was quick and easy. Within a few hours, the SELLERLOGIC Repricer was up and running,“ confirms Freymann. “Both tools save us an enormous amount of time.“

In addition, UP‘NBOOST was able to reduce the cost of using the Repricer and, at the same time, increase sales of Univers Cake products through heightened Buy Box shares and through various strategies of the SELLERLOGIC Repricer. “But the best thing is that Lost & Found enables us to offset the repricing costs,“ says Freymann happily. 

“In addition, the SELLERLOGIC customer service team is competent and responds quickly to enquiries. The cooperation with a well-structured and customer-oriented German company is very reassuring for us,“ confirms Freymann.