6 Tips to Prevent Your Amazon Account From Getting Suspended

amazon suspension appeal

Do you agree that the nightmare of every seller on Amazon is when the Amazon seller account is blocked? Normally, sellers find out about an Amazon account suspension by email or when they try to log in. What follows are lengthy disputes with the online giant, in which you have to prove your innocence or promise to improve – or both. 

With the correct Amazon action plan, you may be able to get the block lifted, but of course the more elegant method is to not let it come to this in the first place. So in this article, we have prepared six tips that will help you prevent Amazon account suspension and an explanation on how to reactivate an Amazon seller account.

Why Is Amazon Cracking Down on Policy Violations in the First Place?  

In order to find policy violations or even violations of laws, Amazon relies on artificial intelligence to find problematic pages and accounts. Basically, there are two different reasons why the online giant takes tough action against any violations. Amazon sellers facing account suspension is, therefore, not uncommon.


On the one hand, Amazon also has to protect itself legally and from possible legal proceedings. If infringements occur on the marketplaces under the knowledge of the e-commerce giant and it has not taken countermeasures, they make themselves liable.

Customer Satisfaction

We have said it many times and can only repeat it at this point: The customer is THE number one on Amazon! If shoppers receive fake goods, if they are deceived by fake reviews or if the sellers perform badly, the original trust in Amazon is violated. This is not in Amazon’s interest, as you can probably imagine, and, therefore, will lead to an Amazon seller account suspension sooner or later.

how to reactivate my amazon seller account

That’s All on Reasons Why Amazon Deactivates a Seller Account in the First Place! Now Let’s Move On to the Triggers.

Here’s the best tip we can give you in advance: Just play by the rules! Even if it sometimes seems like it: Amazon has no interest in arbitrarily blocking seller accounts for no reason. 

Undoubtedly, this is easier said than done. After all, there are quite a few Amazon guidelines for sellers. In addition, there are numerous laws and requirements that you have to comply with. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an expert and ask for Amazon account suspension help when your Amazon seller account is deactivated.


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#1 Rely on Honest Reviews!

The fact that reviews are of enormous importance not only for the Buy Box but also for the buyers themselves is nothing new. So it sounds tempting to just throw a little budget at it and buy some reviews on the fly, right? 

In the short term, perhaps. VERY short term, though. If you get caught doing this, Amazon will have your seller account suspended even before you’ve paid the bill. Even if you ask relatives or friends for a review, pressure customers, or try to get them to give you a positive review with perks and refunds, the retail platform reserves the right to block your seller account. In that case, the Amazon account suspension even can be permanent!

Therefore, you should rather rely on policy-compliant and legally impeccable options. This includes, for example, actively asking for a rating – provided you use FBM! Simply include a nice flyer with your shipment describing how important your customers’ honest opinions are to you.

In any case, it’s worth taking a look at Amazon’s review guidelines.

By the way, too many negative reviews can also lead to Amazon account suspension. This brings us to the next point: Seller performance. The next three points influence this enormously. 

#2 Out of Stock – Out of Business!

Do not panic! If you are out of stock, you won’t be banned from Amazon right away. However, you should still keep an eye on your stock levels. For one, it will cost you the Buy Box if you run out of stock. If this happens too often, you’ll even disqualify yourself for the shopping cart box.  

Moreover, your Amazon seller account will be banned if the cancellation rate before order fulfillment exceeds the critical 2.5% level. It is calculated by the ratio of cancelled orders to all orders. 

This means that if you have to cancel an order too often because you are out of stock, you risk Amazon account suspension. 

So make sure you have your inventory levels under control. You can also use inventory management tools to help you with this. Make sure you have an automatic connection to Amazon to prevent overselling. 

#3 The Perfect Shipping – Deliver on Time!

To prevent your seller account from being blocked by Amazon, you should also pay attention to the perfect shipping. Keyword: customer satisfaction. The online giant has set high standards regarding shipping and customers.

When you ship your goods, you specify a delivery date that should not be exceeded. This factor is also relevant not only for the Buy Box. It is also one of the indicators that determine the “health” of your account. According to Amazon, if certain requirements are not met, your seller account is ailing and could be suspended.

The late delivery rate relates unpunctual shipments to the total number of all shipments in the last 30 days. If it rises to 4%, you possibly face Amazon account suspension.

#3.1 Perfect Shipping – Make Sure Your Shipment Reaches Your Customers Undamaged!

Perfect shipping also includes ensuring that the goods reach the shoppers undamaged. After all, customer satisfaction is greatly affected if customers open the eagerly awaited package and find that the Minion cup is broken (and you’ll probably incur the wrath of the Minions!). 

Therefore, the rate of order defects is also an indicator of the health of your profile and a possible reason why Amazon might have suspended your seller account. It puts defective orders in relation to all deliveries in the last 60 days. If the critical value of 1% is reached or even exceeded, your account is ailing and in acute danger of being suspended. 

Prevent the Amazon account suspension by ensuring that all items are in perfect condition and make sure that they are not damaged during shipping. So go for quality control and protective packaging materials – especially if you’re shipping fragile goods.

#4 Top Customer Service

When you opened your account, Amazon also had you agree to their seller policies. These state, among other things, that you will respond to customer inquiries at least within 24 hours – the faster, the better. 

If a customer inquiry does not require a response from you, you can mark it accordingly in SellerCental. If you exceed the response time, your Amazon seller account may be suspended. 

By the way, the 24-hour rule also applies on weekends and holidays. So make sure you can be represented if in doubt, or outsource customer support. 

The online giant looks back on two decades of learnings and improvements. Now, from the customer’s point of view, it can offer the best fulfillment. You can also benefit from this by using the “Fulfillment by Amazon” service – a smart twist to prevent Amazon account suspension, by the way.

For this, you send your goods to the logistics centers of the online giant. From there, Amazon takes over. Your products are stored, packed, and shipped. But that’s not all! Returns management and customer service are also covered by this program. 

So it is possible to control some potential sources of error using Amazon FBA. Also, using FBA will increase your chances of winning the Buy Box

#5 Poor Product Detail Pages

Your seller account on Amazon can also be suspended if the product pages are insufficiently well-designed. This can range from poor translations or texts to violations against intellectual property. Therefore, be sure to follow the appropriate Amazon guidelines when creating and editing these pages. 

Especially images should be well chosen and checked to prevent Amazon account suspension. If there is trademark protection on the logo, for example, or if you do not own the copyrights of the images, this can have serious consequences, far beyond account blocking. Violations of trademark and copyright laws can also have legal consequences. 

So don’t just use any images! Create your own images, or have them done by a professional. But always pay attention to the content and make sure you have the right to show the logo, for example.

#6 Complete Details 

Make absolutely sure your disclosures are complete! Missing or outdated revocation instructions or missing documents, such as trade licenses, are reasons for Amazon to (temporarily) block the account. Amazon has also blocked one or the other seller account for missing information in the imprint. Rightly so, because this information is required by law!

Especially if you want to trade internationally, this point is important for you. Because then far more tax numbers are required from you than in national trade. If one is missing from your Amazon details, you quickly face Amazon account suspension.

Therefore, make sure that your details are all complete and correct and if in doubt, consult an expert. Remember: four eyes see more than two.

Will I Be Blocked Immediately if I Make a Mistake? 

That depends on the nature of the “offense”. With Amazon, your seller account is not immediately blocked if you do not respond within 24 hours or if your order is delayed. However, if these problems accumulate, Amazon will take consequences and block your account (temporarily). Of course, you can appeal against the Amazon seller account suspension. 

Your Amazon Seller Account Is Locked – What You Can Do

So, how to unsuspend your Amazon account? First of all, you should stay calm. Yes, it is not an optimal scenario, if your account is blocked. Often your economic existence also depends on it. Nevertheless, quick fixes will not get you anywhere here. 

Evaluate what led to the blocking of your seller account. Maybe there is just one piece of information missing. Then submit this immediately and the case is settled quickly in most cases. 

Consider whether you can and want to solve the problem yourself (for now), or whether you should seek legal support or an agency specialized in Amazon account suspension. If you choose the second option, you can contact a lawyer respectively an agency you trust. 

In many cases, Amazon will ask you to submit a plan of action. In it, you explain how the problem occurred and what actions you took to fix it and prevent it in the future.

By the way, if your Amazon seller account is suspended, do not open a new one. The chance is enormously high that this will also be blocked immediately. Amazon does not allow a seller to have more than one seller account. It is possible to get an exemption from this rule, but you need good reasons. 

In any case, stay factual. Even if you are emotionally charged by your blocked Amazon account. The suspension of your seller profile will certainly not be lifted faster by insulting Amazon employees.

Learn how to write an action plan for Amazon after your account suspension appeal here:

The suspension of the Seller Account is the worst nightmare for every Amazon seller. Best-case scenario: the platform just generated some extra income to your main business. Worst-case scenario: that seller account is your main business. We show you how to write a perfect Amazon plan of action!

Duration of the Amazon Account Suspension

Next question: if your Amazon seller account has been suspended, how long it will take for it to be unblocked? Unfortunately, there is no uniform answer to this, as it depends on many factors. 

For one, there’s the severity of the “offense.” While formal problems can often be settled within a few days, legal violations can, in the worst case, result in the account being closed permanently. 

Your cooperation also influences the duration of Amazon account suspension. The sooner you provide Amazon with the requested documentation, the sooner the affected seller account can be unblocked. Unfortunately, forums also frequently report lengthy discussions with the online giant, even though all the required documents have already been submitted. In such cases, you should seek help from legal counsel. 

Final Thoughts

amazon seller suspension appeal

Once the Amazon seller account is locked, you have a lot of tasks ahead of you to get it unlocked again. It is easier to just prevent this and not to let it get to that point in the first place. Many of the factors that can lead to an Amazon seller account suspension are easily manageable. Remember: you sell on Amazon’s marketplace and have to play by the online giant’s rules there, not your own. 

It’s no secret that Amazon’s number one priority is the customer, so no one can be surprised if poor performance results in an account being suspended. 

The situation is different in the case of alleged abuse of rights. Since the e-commerce giant itself can be held liable, it plays it safe here and takes strong action against potential violations. Unfortunately, some sellers abuse this justified approach by filing unjustified complaints against their competitors’ accounts in the hope that Amazon will block them. However, if you are caught doing this, you will have to face consequences! 

Stay fair and play by the rules, and there won’t be much standing in the way of a successful business without Amazon account suspension!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Amazon suspend your account?

Definitely: yes! Even permanently.

Why does Amazon block seller accounts? Why is my Amazon seller account deactivated?

There are basically two reasons for this. On the one hand, the online giant has to protect itself, because if there are violations of the law on its marketplace and Amazon knew about it, the e-commerce giant itself can be held liable. On the other hand, Amazon always wants to offer its customers the perfect shopping experience. Poor seller performance, dishonest reviews, etc. will disappoint customers and cause them to lose trust in the online giant.

My Amazon seller account has been blocked – How to reactivate a suspended Amazon seller account?

First of all, keep calm and always remain factual and professional when communicating with Amazon. Find out the reason for the Amazon account suspension and decide whether you can and want to solve the problem yourself, or whether you should seek expert advice. You will probably also need to create a plan of action.

What are the reasons for Amazon seller account suspensions?

The reasons can be many and varied. From minor technicalities like missing information to poor seller performance to legal violations.

My Amazon seller account has been blocked – How long does it take to unblock it?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer here. In the case of minor problems, such as missing information, the account can be unblocked after just a few days. In the case of legal violations, even the final closure of the account may follow.

My Amazon seller account has been suspended – Can I simply open a new one?

This is not advisable to create a new Amazon account after suspension. The online gigant prohibits sellers from having more than one seller account. While you can be exempt from this rule if you can show good reason, a suspended first-time account is probably not one of them.

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