DataHawk’s Best Seller Analysis: Amazon Electronics

Amazon Best Seller: Analysis on electronics category

The DataHawk Category Best Sellers Analysis Report gives Amazon sellers access to data on the best-selling brands, best-selling products, and most-promising up-and-comers. In this article, we’re taking a look into the Amazon consumer electronics category for the past 12 months (January 2021 to January 2022).

The report allows you to browse the best-selling leaderboard to see which products and brands spent the most time in the Best-Sellers list for the given time period, and analyzes other essential related data-driven market dynamics. 

Amazon electronic categories include the following products:

  • TV & Video
  • Audio & Home Theater
  • Computers
  • Camera & Photo
  • Wearable Technology
  • Car Electronics & GPS
  • Portable Audio
  • Cell Phones
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Launched in 2018, DataHawk has built a proprietary technology that collects and processes millions of data points daily. This data is then processed, analyzed, and displayed on intuitive dashboards, helping DataHawk users extract exceptional insights on their business performance, benchmark it against the competition, and access recommendations for further improvement. The company had previously raised $1M in Seed financing in 2019.

Why should you care about the best-selling brands and products analysis report? Last year’s market research indicates electronics made up approximately 26.6% of total US sales on Amazon.

Electronics sales didn’t just excel in the US; global consumer electronics market share brought in a total of 729.11 billion USD in 2019 (Fortune Business Insights). The electronics market share is projected to grow from USD 689.45 billion in 2020 to USD 989.37 billion in 2027 (Fortune Business Insights). Amazon sales, in general, surpassed sales of Walmart, Target, and eBay, making it an ideal platform to bring in profits from electronic product sales.

Consumer electronics are particularly popular perhaps because modern electronic engineers design them with problem-solving in mind. They also offer buyers improved ability to connect, track and manage everyday activities related to health and well-being, and make it easier and more fun to enjoy movies, and music using smart devices. (Forbes)

Some of the most popular products among consumers include widescreen television sets, trending miniaturized electronic devices, and smart devices (Fortune Business Insights)

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more widespread and is especially prevalent in the development and implementation of consumer electronic goods. For example, Amazon has released its first AI-driven Alexa-on-wheels, a Robot named Amazon Astra.

Smart devices have also seen substantial growth and market share. Smart electronics have evolved far past their original purpose of simply providing connection to the internet and other devices. In 2022, the consumer electronics space will incorporate machine learning more than ever before. Some electronics devices will offer intelligent power management (Forbes), used to prolong device battery life and intelligent thermostats which determine how to heat your space in the most efficient way possible (Forbes). 

A standout among the list of consumer electronics to be released by Amazon in the upcoming months is the Amazon Always Home Cam. This flying drone is equipped with disturbance detectors, alarms, and subscription-based professional monitoring. The highly-anticipated consumer electronic product will be released and sold by invitation only.

DataHawk’s Amazon analytics tools also use artificial intelligence to pull categorical data and break that data down into usable and actionable insights. Let’s jump into the report analysis.


Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Overview

Within the Best Sellers Ranking, Electronics boasted a total of 985 products, with 277 Best-Selling brands present. Electronics spent every day of the past year (366) as a best-selling product category, bringing in a massive $4,745,900,000 in annualized sales.

Top 4 Brands in the Electronics Category

The first part of the Best Seller Report Analysis discusses the top four leading brands for the last 12 months.

DataHawk analytics conducted Amazon product research and compiled this data as a significant KPI assessed for these brands. This KPI is called the Presence Rate. The presence rate includes brands that maintained their position with at least one or more products that entered the top ten, tracked using DataHawk’s Amazon Product Ranking Tool. Here is the formula for how we calculate the Presence Rate:

Now, let’s take a look at the brands that made the cut.

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Amazon and Apple
Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Roku and Blink

1. Amazon Basics: 

Amazon comes in number one on its own platform, claiming 160 total Best-Selling Products. Amazon had products in the Best-Selling rank for 8,733 combined days during the time period. 

Amazon-brand products in the electronics category made up 24.7% of the entire market share, accounting for 16.2% of the total number of electronics. Amazon’s brand presence rate was 100% and represented 14.9% by product. Amazon’s top-selling product was the Echo Dot, a smart speaker equipped with Alexa technology.

The Echo Dot had an astonishing 16.2% of Amazon’s product sales in the electronics category.

2. Apple: The second-place Best-Seller is Apple. Apple holds 78 of the Best-Selling Products for the electronics category. Amazon had products in the Best-Selling rank for 2,452 days, almost four times less than Amazon did. 

Apple products in the electronics category made up 6.9% of the entire market share, accounting for 7.9% of the total number of electronics. Apple had a brand presence rate of 100% and represented 8.6% by product. Apple’s top-selling product was the Apple Air Tag, grabbing 7.9% of Apple’s electronics sales.

3. Roku: Coming in third place is Roku, with a total of nine Best-Selling Products. Roku represented products in the Best-Selling rank for 1,831 combined days during the last 12 months.

 Roku-brand products made up 5.2% of the entire market share in the electronics category, accounting for 0.9% of the total number of electronics. Roku’s brand presence rate was 100% and represented 55.6% by product. Roku’s top-selling product was the Roku Streaming Stick, pairable with Alexa technology.

4. Blink Home Security: Fourth place belongs to Blink Home Security, with 19 total Best-Selling Products. Blink Home Security represented products in the Best-Selling rank for 1,651 combined days during the last 12 months. 

Blink Home Security-brand products in the electronics category made up 4.7% of the entire market share, accounting for 1.9% of the total number of electronics. Blink Home Security’s brand presence rate was 100% and represented 23.7% by product. Blink Home Security’s top-selling product was the Blink Mini, a smart security camera that can plug into wall outlets, and works with Alexa technology.

Here you can see the data for the top 30 brands, in addition to the top four leaders.

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Top 30 Brands

Click here to download the full report.

Brand Presence Rate by Product (Top 30) and Their ASP

In regards to your own products as they compare to competitors, you can take a look at the following two graphs to assess your position. The data used to create this graph is the same data you can find in the leaderboard above.

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Brand Share vs. Selling Price

This graph displays your brand’s (and your competitors’ brand) identity and current product rankings based on their position(s) relative to your competitors. The higher your brand appears on the graph, the better.

Amazon Best Sellers Electronics: Brand Performance

The bar graph below displays the brands in the electronics category that spent the most time in the top 100 BSR list. This graph represents the same data shown previously before but is simply presented in a different way. You can use two further KPIs to measure performance using this graph.

As previously discussed, the presence rate shows us how much time one or more products spent in the top 100 of the electronics category.

The presence rate formula = Days spent in the Best 10 * / 365 X 100.

Presence Rate refers to the time spent by one or more products of a brand in the top 100 of a given category over the last year.

ASP Average is the average of one or more products’ selling price of brands in the top 100 over the last year.

This graph shows the performance of the best ASINs for each brand in terms of their ASP Average compared to their presence rate. If you have products in other categories, you can run reports for each using the Amazon Best Sellers Tool.

Top 5 Products Leading in the Best Sellers Ranking Electronics Category

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Top Products

1. Roku Streaming Stick

  • Price: $30.0
  • Reviews: 108,160
  • Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 2; Worst Rank: 52
  • Presence Rate: 99.2%

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini

  • Price: $13.4
  • Reviews: 81,676
  • Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 5; Worst Rank: 92
  • Presence Rate: 98.9%

3. Roku Express

  • Price: $28.8
  • Reviews: 140,434
  • Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 2; Worst Rank: 66
  • Presence Rate: 98.4% 

4. Roku Ultra

  • Price: $90.0
  • Reviews: 18,903
  • Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 6; Worst Rank: 93
  • Presence Rate: 98.1%

5. Ohill Cable Clips/ Cord Holders

  • Price: $8.4
  • Reviews: 43,228
  • Star Rating: 4.5  out of 5 stars
  • Best Rank: 8; Worst Rank: 96
  • Presence Rate: 97.3%

Top Four Rising Stars Products in the Electronics Category

Let’s have a look at the Rising Stars product leaderboard. This data represents products that recently entered the top 100 Best Sellers electronics category on Amazon US.

Amazon Best Seller Analysis: Rising Stars
  1. Puteardat Power Strip wit Type C 10 Outlets

Our first rising star product is the power strip surge protector by Puteardat. First seen on Amazon on January 7, 2022, and priced at $22, this product managed to spend 1 day in the best sellers; ranked 59 on the list, currently boasting a 5.0-star rating. It is also priced at a reasonably competitive selling price compared to the other surge protector/power strips. 

  1. Lipeila Sound Bar for TV Speakers with Bluetooth

Priced at $57.0 is the Lipeila Soundbar Speaker with Bluetooth technology. This product was first seen on Amazon on January 6, 2022, this product managed to spend 1 day in the best sellers. Currently, it has a 1.9 rating out of 5-stars, and a Best-Seller rank of 38. 

  1. Tcstei Surge Protector Strip, 6-Foot Extension Cord

Placed 3rd on the top 4 rising star products list is Tcstei Surge Protector. First seen on Amazon on December 21, 2021, the product had an average sales rank of 79 and was seen in the best sellers for only 2 days only. Brand’s presence and better efforts on ads have led to its rising popularity on Amazon US.

4. Yishu 8-Foot Power Strip

The 4th best performing product that has recently appeared on the Amazon marketplace is this power strip by Yishu. It first appeared on December 21, 2021, spending 1 day so far in the best sellers rank. With a Presence Rate of 0.3%, that product has an average sales rank of #93 and is priced at $18. 

This study compiled data from the most expensive products, the cheapest products, the highest-rated products, and products that have received fewer reviews but still made it into the top 30.


There you have it – the Best Seller Analysis report. Looking at the data, this report shows how competitive the electronics category is on Amazon. You can use this data, as well as the suite of DataHawk Amazon Analytics tools to find out how to beat your competitors. Click here to download the full report from this analysis.

Image credits in order of appearance: © SergeyBitos – / © Screenshots @ Amazon/Datahawk

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