Amazon Black Friday 2023: How to Achieve High Sales With the Highest Purchasing Power!

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The largest shopping day of the year, Amazon Black Friday is rapidly approaching. It’s worth being prepared if you’re an Amazon seller, so be sure to plan ahead in order to maximize your profits. So, how can online sellers on Amazon prepare for one of the most important times of the year in order to sell successfully? We’ve put together six quick tips on how to implement your strategy for Black Friday on Amazon. Ready? Go!

Let’s Start With the Basics: Amazon Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Black Friday is on November 24 and Cyber Monday is on November 27, however, some retailers are starting their Cyber Monday discounts early or extending their existing deals throughout the Black Friday weekend.

Tips for Sellers on Amazon Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday

While some online retailers have benefited from increased demand due to the Corona pandemic, the business has declined for other sellers. That makes it all the more important to take full advantage of the upcoming holiday shopping season again this year. For retailers on Amazon, Black Friday week 2023 is certainly the most important date, as it is additionally followed by Cyber Monday. It’s important to consider Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that you can offer your potential customers. 

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Black Friday or Cyber Monday for Amazon (or, hopefully, both events) can be profitable to your business. So, let’s dive deeper into the tips we prepared for you: 

1. Promote Your Own Products on Amazon

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday potential customers are on the lookout for bargains and lightning deals. By placing an Amazon Black Friday ad, online retailers can increase the visibility of their items. There are several options open to them, such as these: 

  • Sponsored Products ads can be used to increase traffic to a specific product. For example, this could be an item that already sold very well on Amazon during the 2023 Christmas shopping season – and which can therefore be expected to do so again on Amazon Black Friday 2023.
  • Sponsored Brand Ads, on the other hand, are suitable for presenting an entire brand to the customer. In this case, the ad directs to a brand store in which several products can be presented.

You can find out which other advertising formats Amazon has up its sleeve for Black Friday 2023 here!

2. Use Amazon Coupons

Coupons can be used to create targeted promotions on Amazon Black Friday 2023 and reach many bargain hunters. Amazon coupons have high visibility on the marketplace with their distinctive orange discount label. When coupled with sponsored advertisements, online businesses are able to reach an even larger number of prospective customers.

Just like other promotions, coupons can be created through Seller Central:

Inventory > Manage Promotions > Create Discount. 

There, discount promotions are possible for individual products as well as for entire product groups. Either this is possible as a percentage discount or as a monetary discount. Unlike daily deals, however, coupons usually do not expire.

3. Win the Amazon Buy Box by Using Dynamic Pricing Optimization

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Placement in the Buy Box brings up to 90% more sales. If you want to be successful as an online seller, you have to fight hard for it in some cases. One of the most important factors affecting Buy Box placement is competitive pricing. In addition, only merchants that are holding the Buy Box can create Sponsored Product Ads.

Amazon is known to push items with the optimal final price not only during the holiday season. The fully automated price adjustment should be done dynamically and intelligently, e.g. with the SELLERLOGIC Repricer. This allows the sellers’ items to cross the virtual counter at the best possible price even on Amazon Black Friday 2023.

Online retailers have the opportunity to test the SELLERLOGIC Repricer for two weeks completely free of charge. After that, membership is not automatically renewed; instead, the client must activate the tool in order for it to be renewed. If the seller switches from another repricing provider to SELLERLOGIC, he does not pay any fees for the transition period.

4. Check Stock and Supply Quickly.

When supply is good, demand also increases. Online retailers should therefore pay attention to stock levels and buying trends and, if necessary, replenish their stock on Amazon.

Sellers management is certainly of great importance when it comes to Amazon Black Friday 2023. Automated work processes free up time and space for more important things – such as optimizing advertising campaigns.

Sellers management is certainly of great importance when it comes to Amazon Black Friday 2023. Automated work processes free up time and space for more important things – such as optimizing advertising campaigns.

5. Adjust Keywords & Product Descriptions 

In order to persuade the customer of the given products on Amazon Black Friday 2023, the seller must exhibit their most enticing element. Make use of the ideal opportunity to subject the product pages to a review and adjust them if necessary. Amazon specifies what a successful product page should look like. Accurate, error-free, and detailed descriptions of the products ensure a longer stay on the detail pages. 

High-quality photos, for example, can eliminate the last doubts. Meaningful titles and the first 1,000 characters of the bullet points will catch the eye of potential buyers on Amazon on Black Friday 2023 – this is why the most important keywords should be included here. Not only are the keywords particularly relevant for the algorithm, but they also squash doubts of the customer, leave a formative impression, and – last but definitely not least – promote the purchase.

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6. Last but Not Least – Check FBA Processes for Refunds 

High-turnover days like Amazon Black Friday 2023 mean more FBA transactions and that, in turn, is also likely to lead to more errors – for example, the goods get lost or damaged, but the seller doesn’t know about it. 

This costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to go undetected. The SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found tool automatically tracks down FBA errors, reports them to the seller, and prepares all communication with Amazon. All the seller has to do is copy & paste: The prepared text modules can be easily copied in the tool, pasted into a message to Amazon in Seller Central, and sent. This quickly adds up to several thousand euros in refunds per year.

Get up to €200,000 reimbursed from Amazon!


Are you an FBA seller?

Then there’s a big chance that Amazon owes you money. SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found detects a large number of FBA error cases for you and makes Amazon refund them. Interested? Experience Lost & Found for yourself in a secure demo environment!

Conclusion: High Sales on Amazon during Black Friday Week 2023

Like every year on Amazon, Black Friday 2023 will be a big boost to sales. However, if marketplace sellers start the holiday shopping season unprepared, they will miss the chance to cash in on customers’ buying spree. That’s why Amazon sellers should definitely start their Black Friday preparations now. 

This includes, for example, planning promotions, designing PPC campaigns, or creating coupons in Amazon Seller Central. Black Friday week is also the perfect opportunity to put new tools through their paces. 

SELLERLOGIC wishes you a profitable week with Amazon Black Friday 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Amazon have Black Friday sales/deals?

Of course! And you as a seller should be prepared to take advantage of such an event!

What is Black Friday sale on Amazon?

It’s an event when shoppers have the chance of buying products with a significant discount.

What main three things do I have to consider for Amazon Black Friday 2023

Use coupons, make sure your site looks dope, stock up, get FBA refunds.

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