All You Need to Know About Amazon Seller Reviews

amazon seller review- all you need to know

Every kind of business, but especially the ones that sell on Amazon, relies heavily on customer reviews. Everything from product visibility to inventory planning is affected by them. Recent and relevant Amazon seller reviews give valuable information to online customers, who frequently rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions.

For sellers and companies, getting Amazon seller reviews may be difficult. To prevent jeopardizing your account, it’s also crucial to grasp Amazon’s review criteria. In this article, we’ll go through the importance of Amazon reviews, and how to stay compliant with Amazon standards while looking for more reviews.

How important is a Seller Review on Amazon?

What Do Amazon Reviews Entail?

Amazon seller reviews mean customer reviews and worldwide ratings with percentages broken down by star rating. (see the image below)

In other words, an Amazon seller review is a public assessment of a customer’s satisfaction with a purchase. Reviews can be in the form of a basic star rating, a written explanation, or a video, all of which are based on a five-star system. 

Buyers have the option of writing a comprehensive review or just rating a product on a five-star scale without leaving any notes. Ratings are counted as part of the total number of reviews on an Amazon listing and are factored towards the overall star rating, but they do not contain text or other material. On the listing, “global ratings” represent the total number of reviews and ratings. The total star rating on Amazon is not calculated using a simple average. The average is affected by factors such as the date of the last review and whether the item was purchased on Amazon or elsewhere. Amazon’s technology is also on the lookout for evidence of shady reviews.

Amazon seller review is not the same as customer reviews. Many people confuse the phrases “feedback” and “review,” but a customer review should only represent the buyer’s experience with the product, not the seller. 

Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews

As we already mentioned, seller feedback and product reviews are two different things. The majority of sellers are unaware of the distinction. Even your customer might be perplexed by them at times. The product reviews can be seen on Amazon’s product detail page.

how to check amazon seller rating

Why Are Amazon Seller Reviews So Important?

Make a Name for Yourself Using Amazon Seller Reviews

If you’re a company that sells products or services, Amazon reviews help you create and grow your brand as a registered seller by providing social proof. Increased product reviews can have a major influence on your bottom line, whether you offer private label or white label products.

Help Customers Making Decisions

Buyers on Amazon rely on reviews to make purchase decisions. In fact, more than 90% of customers check internet reviews before making a purchase. Buyers can’t physically inspect products in a digital marketplace. For Amazon customers, product reviews are quite useful.

Customer Satisfaction Should Be Measured

One of your key aims as an Amazon seller is to make sure your customers are satisfied with your goods. You can use Amazon seller reviews to gather info on what experience your customers had with your product. These responses are really useful and may even assist you in identifying new use cases.

Improve Your Inventory Management

Customer feedback can help you in estimating how well a product will sell. It’s an indication that your product is a hit if you’re getting a continuous stream of positive feedback. To avoid stockouts, plan ahead when replenishing. If you see a decrease in reviews, it’s time to examine your product more closely.

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How to Get More Reviews on Amazon

  1. Begin with a fantastic product: It may appear obvious, but having a product that gives the consumer a positive experience is the first step toward receiving more reviews. When buyers have a particularly pleasant or terrible experience, they are more likely to share their opinions. When creating or selecting items, set the bar high. That’s the proven way to get more positive Amazon seller reviews.
  2. Submit a request for review: Asking for more product reviews is the greatest (and also simplest) method to acquire them. If you sell with FBM program, you can accomplish this by going to Seller Central and clicking the Amazon Request a Review button, or making a review request using Buyer-Seller Messaging.
  3. Make sure you’ve done your homework: Before putting your items on the Amazon marketplace, make sure you thoroughly test them. Third-party testing is also a good idea, especially if your product has the potential to do harm if it isn’t working properly. Make sure your product’s instructions and warranties are clear and simple to understand.

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Amazon Seller Review Policies & Guidelines

Always play the game by the rule to avoid problems. You have to read the Amazon policies and guidelines or you can get into the trap!

Don’t Ask For Positive Reviews

You can’t urge customers to submit a good review for your product because of Amazon’s review policy. Always ask for product reviews in a non-biased manner. Especially try to avoid sentences like “Leave us a review on Amazon if you liked your widget.”

Marketing Messages and Promotions Should Be Avoided

You can send customers a message asking for product reviews, but you can’t add any form of marketing message or promotion. It is against the regulations for you to link to any website, even your Amazon business. Include no opt-out links or any other links in logos. If you wish to utilize your logo, you won’t be able to put your URL in the picture.

Only Inquire Once

Don’t bombard Amazon customers with requests for product reviews. Instead, submit a single, well-written, respectful request that is short and sweet. This enhances the likelihood of the buyer sharing their product experience, assisting Amazon in maintaining a healthy product review environment for all consumers.

Never Pay for Amazon Seller Reviews

Amazon outlawed paid reviews in October 2016. You cannot give any kind of monetary compensation, free items, steep discounts, coupons, or other perks in return for a product review as an Amazon seller. 

Don’t Write a Review for Your Own Product

You, your family, and your workers are not allowed to evaluate your own items or those of competitors on Amazon. Review manipulation is when you review your own or a competitor’s product. After all, the purpose of reviews is to give objective information that can aid future consumers.

What to Do if You Receive a Negative Review

Respond in a Professional Manner

Negative feedback may be quite damaging. It’s difficult not to take things personally, but try to see them as an opportunity to grow. If you receive a poor Amazon seller review, reply professionally and try to remedy the issue if possible. Employees should be taught to respond in the same manner.

Find Out What Isn’t Working

A negative Amazon seller rating might be quite beneficial to your business. Look for frequent issues and engage with your provider to find solutions. Unsatisfied consumers might help you figure out what has to be fixed. Negative evaluations can sometimes indicate the end of a product’s life cycle or identify areas where innovation is needed.

Make Your Amazon Listing Better

Negative feedback may indicate that your product description needs to be revised. Are you getting bad Amazon seller reviews because you didn’t match the expectations of your customers? Rewrite your listing to make sure all variants and measurements are properly mentioned. Consider providing FAQs to address frequently asked questions.

Recognize That Everything Will Be Ok

You want favorable feedback, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle for solely 5-star evaluations. While great evaluations are certainly beneficial to your business, a product review rating that is too near to perfect may turn off some customers. Negative feedback, on the other hand, might be beneficial to your company.


In order to succeed on Amazon, you must have a high level of Amazon seller reviews. Feedback is a sure way that your listings will attract more prospective consumers, and it will help you flourish on Amazon. 

Deal with the problems and attempt to prevent them from happening again. Remember that it’s impossible to delight every consumer. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if you get a low seller rating on Amazon at first. Negative seller reviews on Amazon might sometimes shock you into reality and pave the way for better times. Accept negative seller comments and attempt to focus on improving the product and process.

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