How to Sell On Amazon: 5 Steps Every Seller Must Take

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Do you like to work at your own pace and during the hours of your choosing? Are you not the kind of person that wants to be tied down to the same cubicle for years on end but to choose your workplace, wherever that may be? Your living room couch, a café in Hawaii? Selling successfully on Amazon might get you exactly that, provided you sell wisely with the right tools.

The Amazon marketplace is lucrative for many sellers nowadays. But it’s crucial to do things wisely. Let’s dive deeper into how to sell with Amazon and learn more about e-commerce with Amazon. 

Well, how much money do you need to start an Amazon business? If you think you need a huge sum to invest in the Amazon business, you are wrong. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors, but even with a little budget (less than $1000), you can find some items and launch an Amazon FBA business. 

How to Become a Seller on Amazon

Follow the steps below to become an Amazon seller:

#1 Make a Business Plan First

Before you learn how to sell something on Amazon, you must have a strategy in place to make sure everything is going according to schedule. Your company mission, market analysis, goods and services, marketing and sales strategy, financial plan, etc. should all be included in a business plan.

You need to be aware of a number of things. You must conduct market research, examine trends, learn about your rivals, choose the types of things you want to offer, and determine how much you are willing to spend on product sourcing, marketing, and promotion. 

#2 Identify Your Niche

To succeed in selling on Amazon, you have to identify a lucrative niche. Conduct market research to locate relevant, trendy, and competitive items that relate to your interests. We truly believe it’s easier to work within the niche that looks appealing to you and when you are well aware of the products that you sell. 

Learn about the current product trends and research their emotional effect, usefulness, visibility, and recognition.

To make it popular on the market, try to identify the selling point or develop a brand-new selling sector. 

When it comes to e-commerce strategies on how to sell on Amazon, first decide if you want to offer wholesale items, private label products, or both before you can begin looking for a product. Take a look at the difference:


People that sell things at wholesale prices do so as a third party, not as the brand’s actual proprietors. They often have no impact on the product page. Instead, they distribute it to several other vendors who also sell branded items.

Private Label or Brands

People sell private label products when they offer goods under their own brand. However, no one is required to construct their own factory today. 

You can create a unique product page for each of your items with your own brand. As a result, you choose how this page’s content looks and generally have the Buy Box appear automatically. Instead, with Amazon search, various companies’ items compete with one another. Therefore, achieving a high rating is crucial.

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#3 Conduct Market Research

Once you’ve identified your niche, you need to do market research to confirm it. Observe the sales of your competitors over time. You’ll get a more accurate picture of the market, specialized area, or market segment by monitoring your competition.

Another suggestion is to conduct a study or speak with a number of suppliers or customers to learn how they feel about the items.

#4 Find Your Product Suppliers

When you learn how to sell with Amazon, pay specific attention to how to choose a product. 

Finding your product supplier comes after choosing your niche. Find information about suppliers on AliExpress, Alibaba, and other B2B marketplaces. If you can, get their name, address, and any other relevant information.

Additionally, conduct a Google search or make contacts with providers at trade exhibitions. You may communicate briefly with the provider and learn more about their products during trade events. To locate a supplier based on industry distribution, visit suppliers.

Communication is the key. Get in touch with the suppliers and try to understand if they are good enough to cooperate with them. Learn about the sample items’ prices, minimum order quantities (MOQ), order limits, product qualities, shipping costs, and other aspects that you find important and relevant for your business. Order samples to check the product’s quality. Before choosing your supplier, check the goods personally or use qualified quality inspectors.

Also, don’t forget to determine the terms and payment choices for your quote. Choose the best solution for you by limiting your selections in accordance with your needs.

#5 Open a Seller Account on Amazon

Individual and professional accounts are different. The first is free, but expect to pay $1 for each item sold after that. You will have to pay $39.99 a month for the second kind. 

The best solution is to start with an individual and then choose a Pro one as soon as you sell more than 40 things each month.

Go to this webpage to see how to open a seller account on Amazon step by step.

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FBA or FBM: What’s the Best Option for You?

Don’t let the high amount of factors you need to take into consideration throw you off course. Continue reading to understand the difference and how to sell on Amazon choosing the best way for your business. 

Fulfillment by Amazon

The more preferred choice among sellers is FBA. The selling process is made increasingly simpler. However, this comes at a price. The description makes it clear that Amazon handles the majority of the logistics. This is a fantastic way to expand your business rapidly, but if you’re not careful, storage costs might ruin the fun. 

Amazon has launched its FBA service to meet the growing demands of the sellers. With the help of this service, merchants may use the platform’s vast consumer base and distribution network to realize their business goals. It’s the most common platform option for shops.

FBA, or “Fulfillment by Amazon,” refers to the process through which Amazon stores your items in its inventory, processes your orders, and provides customer assistance. You must register for an Amazon seller account and add FBA to your account in order to use this service. It’s important that you set up your company in accordance with the guidelines.

The FBA is summarized as follows:

  • Products are purchased by sellers, who then transport them to an Amazon warehouse.
  • Until an order is placed, the goods are kept in Amazon’s fulfillment facility. A storage fee is assessed to sellers, and it often varies with the size and volume of the commodity.
  • Amazon completes the transaction and changes your inventory when an order is placed.
  • Amazon packages and sends the package.
  • Customer assistance is handled by Amazon, and the order is tracked. The retail behemoth also manages refunds and returns.
  • Every 14 days, your account will automatically be credited with your earnings.

Note: FBA-fulfilled goods are eligible for Amazon Prime. Sales can increase as a result.

Fulfillment by Merchant 

Let’s examine the alternative, which is to pack and send the item yourself as an Amazon individual seller. In this scenario, you will be responsible for managing, storing, and sending your goods when an order comes in. If individual sellers are processing orders through FBM, they will also be in charge of customer care and product returns. It takes a lot of labor, and shipping fees are frequently more expensive than with FBA. There is an advantage: there are no storage expenses.

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How to Boost Sales and Get More Revenue on Amazon in 2022

Another question is for more advanced sellers: How to sell in Amazon without failing? So, the following tips will help you boost your sales. 

Get Positive Feedback From Customers

Without credibility, not many people will dare to buy your product. As you might have guessed, reviews play a crucial role when it comes to building trust with your clients. Shoppers have to choose between sellers who offer the same type of product. And the preference will be given to that particular seller with more positive reviews. 

Moreover, a product listing’s performance in an Amazon search is greatly influenced by the number of reviews and the product’s average customer rating. Therefore, having a lot of favorable reviews helps a product rank well, which is crucial for the success of its sales. 

Read more about how to get positive reviews on Amazon in this article

Optimize Prices

For those who are just learning how to sell on Amazon and take baby steps in e-commerce, optimizing prices might sound confusing and even unnecessary. But repricing is one of the most crucial success aspects.

The total pricing (i.e., the price of the goods plus the delivery cost) is the most important factor for Amazon sellers. If your final pricing is reasonable and competitive, you’ll have a greater chance of landing in the Buy Box

This is where “repricing,” a term frequently used to describe Amazon price optimization, comes into play. In order to continually remain competitive on Amazon and increase your sales, we advise employing smart software rather than spending a lot of time manually optimizing your prices.

It’s crucial to understand how a dynamic repricer functions. It continually assesses the state of the market and logs any adjustments to a product’s pricing or competitor structure. The user’s rates are then adjusted based on this vast amount of data, but not in accordance with a single set of rules as static tools do, but rather in accordance with the demands of the market and the user’s own market share.

Remember that it is not always the item with the lowest fighting price that receives the Buy Box. In this approach, the SellerLogic Repricer, for example, increases sales and profit while also obtaining the Buy Box and the greatest price for the user.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to start to sell on Amazon. All in all, selling on Amazon sounds very good for those who want to escape a 9-5 job and get the freedom to earn money. However, never forget that without doing it wisely, following Amazon guidelines, and using repricing software, it’s hard to succeed. Get in touch with us to learn more about SellerLogic repricing software and how to boost sales. 

How to sell a product on Amazon?

Easy! Register as a seller on this website and follow the steps and our recommendations in the article.

Is selling products on Amazon worth it?

There are a lot of benefits of selling items on Amazon. One of them is that you can escape a 9-5 job and become more independent.

Should I buy a course on ‘How to sell on Amazon for beginners?

Well, maybe. However, remember that many courses are useless. It can be better to consult an expert.r “Is selling on Amazon FBA profitable?”, we would say yes if you apply the right strategies.

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