The 20k Phone Call

How Outlet-Sofa Direct was able to save time, effort and thousands of euros


Furniture/Living room-Bedding supplies

Items in Amazon:  
about 2,000 SKUs

approx. 8,000 / month


The idea of Outlet-Sofa Direct was born when several manufacturers specialising in the production of supplies for the bedding and well-being joined together to offer their customers the possibility of direct access to all those items that go through factory and out-of-stocking, thus providing the consumer with the best quality at the ideal price. In 2005, as a result of the inevitable digital transformation of the furniture sector, the company did not hesitate for a single moment to opt for the online trading.

Starting Situation:

Due to the e-commerce giant’s solid and well-known reputation, Outlet-Sofa-Direct decided in 2015 to start selleing their products on Amazon: “Wanting to have large numbers of online sales and not selling on Amazon is often not possible today” says Francesco the company’s Marketplace Manager.

“We currently sell in several Marketplaces: eBay, Cdiscount, but selling on Amazon and the use of Amazon FBA services has boosted sales significantly for us” states Francesco. “Obviously, everything has its advantages and disadvantages and in the case of Amazon FBA the fact of losing control of customer returns, made me realized that something was wrong. Some of the data provided by Amazon was not matching what we had on our side, but in most cases, I simply trusted that Amazon would inform us properly of the errors; unfortunately, this was not the case” explains Francesco.


“Although I imagined that there were errors in the FBA transactions, this is an issue that we had put aside as it requires enormous time and effort for our team. However, all this changed with the unexpected call of Monica, a teammember of SELLERLOGIC. Her kindness and professionalism convinced me from the very beginning as she explained everything promptly and in detail”.

Francesco Azzi

Marketplace Manager

The flexibility of the product. There is no engagement and paying only on what you have been reimbursed is a winning strategy.

Successful Results with SELLERLOGIC:

“Seen the situation we were in with our merchandise in FBA warehouses, I knew that there was a great possibility that the volume of errors would be high, but at first I didn’t think it would save us so much money either. In the course of 3 months, the use of Lost & Found has proven the opposite, we have already recovered 20,000 Euros and we are completely convinced that the tool works” says Francesco.

“Monica guided me from the very beginning; during the registration process she informed me of all the steps to follow once the tool was launched. It is also worth mentioning that the rest of the SELLERLOGIC team has always been extremely available and present. Even when they are notified of last minute problems. Thanks to the whole team and the intuitive usage of the tool, not only has the claiming of cases saved us a lot of time, but it has also helped us to recover the money we were entitled to.”