How does Amazon brand registry work? All You Need to Know

Amazon brand registry trademark. What is it and how does it help your business?

In today’s world, brand registry is critical, but it can be tricky and is usually taken the wrong way. What is Amazon Brand Registry, exactly? It’s a program that allows brands to share more information about their products and intellectual property while also assisting Amazon and brands in preventing trademark infringement.

According to Amazon statistics, 6 million dubious listings have been blocked and 2.5 million bad accounts have been prevented from posting questionable listings. After entering the Amazon Brand Registry, brands that are licensed receive the protection as well as a 99 percent reduction in alleged infringements. 

You might ask yourself: “Can I sell on Amazon without Brand Registry?” Yes, but only if you’re willing to take a few risks. Below you can find the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry. 

Signing up for Amazon Brand Registry Comes With a Plethora of Advantages

1. Take command of your brand’s image.

Any listing that contains your company’s logo will be updated in the blink of an eye. Customers see your items, not that of a third-party broker when they look at a product listing. Your product listings cannot be changed by a third-party vendor. The Amazon Brand Registry helps the company by reducing the risk of problems occurring from other sellers changing details about your brand and goods. The data from the registered brand is often prioritized by the software.

You’ll be able to upload a video that will appear at the end of your listing’s product picture reel once it’s been authorized. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your product and share your brand’s story while also increasing your conversion rate.

2. Keep other vendors out of the product pages. 

It should go without saying that protecting the listings is preferable to starting a case with an Amazon representative to resolve the issues.

Amazon’s Brand Registry provides you with additional security against other sellers, and therefore:

  • Makes it easier to retract false allegations of IP infringement.
  • Stops rivals from hijacking or sabotaging your listings by modifying the content of your listings.
  • Helps to identify and track intellectual property violations.

The more information you give about your Amazon registry, the more intelligent their algorithms become. They will constantly work towards automatic detection of:

  • Listings that aren’t your brand but use your trademark terms.
  • Images of your logo on items that aren’t yours.
  • Dealers who ship products from countries where your brand is not manufactured or sold.

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3. Boost sales of your products.

The Amazon Brand Registry encourages purchases, enhances transparency and improves conversion rates by eliminating fake listings and prioritizing details about your business. That means the information given by your organization takes precedence. Although not every business leader can see an immediate financial benefit, it is worthwhile to enroll because it is free.

4. Get constructive reporting and searching software.

Data is paramount, which is why, in order to increase profits, you need to know as much as possible about your customers. Customer search and purchase data are collected by Brand Analytics to assist you in improving your business operations. This gives you a lot of information, such as the search words your consumers use to find your product (which you can use in a PPC campaign), and business basket analysis.

You know how important it is to have access to valuable tools when creating a digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, Brand Registry provides search and reporting resources to help you keep track of and maintain your Amazon brand.

You won’t have to look hard to figure out whether an infringement problem arises, for example. Since Amazon simplifies the tracking process, you can use their search tools to find out exactly when an issue occurs.

You can also use Amazon Brand Registry’s image check to see if your logo appears on another Amazon listing. Use bulk Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) searches to see if another listing is also infringing on your content.

5. Increase the number of ad options available to you.

Sponsored brands are unlocked, which is another advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry. Your company can advertise up to three items with this ad format. Supported brands can have the brand image and brand name, which can help with brand recognition. 

6. Get more reviews.

One of the most difficult aspects of scaling up a new listing is having feedback. Fortunately, once you’ve registered your brand, you’ll have access to Amazon’s Vine service, which allows you to send your goods to approved customers in return for a review. However, be careful because these can be brutally frank reviews. If you want to find out more about why generating reviews is vital for your business, click on this link and read all about it.

What is brand registry on Amazon? Find out with us.

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements 

It’s simple to register your brand on Amazon, and there’s no cost to use this tool for brands. Many of the threats (as well as the justifications for not using it!) have vanished. Below, you can find the steps of Amazon Brand Registry application. 

 Step 1: Amazon Eligibility Criteria

Amazon can check to see whether you fulfill the brand’s requirements:

• To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, your company must either have an active registered trademark in each country where you choose to enroll, or a pending trademark application filed via Amazon IP Accelerator. This can be an active text (word mark) or a trademark depending on imagination (design mark).

• Your trademarks must be visible on your goods or packaging.

• You must meet the country’s eligibility criteria. 

Step 2: Amazon Brand Registry Login.

Sign into Amazon Brand Registry once you’ve met these criteria. To access Amazon Brand Registry, log in with your Amazon Seller or Amazon Vendor Central credentials.

 Step 3: Register Your Business

After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to check your information or your brand. The organization should have access to as much knowledge as possible about your brand. Amazon can register your brand, allowing you to take advantage of the additional features.

You will need to provide:

  • The brand name.
  • Successful trademark registration. 
  • A list of product categories for your product where the brand should be identified on Amazon. 
  • The trademark registration number that is given to you by the Intellectual Property Office providing your trademark.
  • A list of countries in which your product is sold or produced.

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If you’ve completed this, Amazon will confirm that you own the rights to your trademark and, as a result, your name. They will contact you for more information if there are any questions. Amazon makes things as simple as possible but verifying all of this information will take some time.

Do You Need a Trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?

You cannot enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry without a trademark. A trademark may only be registered by the brand owner. The owner must first enroll the brand, and then the approved user must be added as an additional user. Your trademark must be visible on your product or its packaging. You’ll need your trademark registration number, which was issued to you when you registered.

How Long Does Amazon Registry Take?

If you provide Amazon with all it needs for your brand, you should expect the entire process to take about two weeks.

How to Enroll in Amazon’s New Brand Registry Program

Previously, there were fewer hoops to go through in the Brand Registry program, but Amazon redesigned it and introduced a slew of new features. You must re-register for the Brand Registry program if you were accepted for Brand Registry in the previous program before April 30th, 2017.

Apply for brand registry on Amazon and secure your listing.

 Amazon Brand Registry Cost

The process of registering your brand is completely free. However, possessing copyright or trademark is not free in the first place. Depending on where you register and what sort of cover you want, these fees typically vary from $225 to $400. You may have to factor in legal costs as well.

There is a fee for each class as well. As a result, an application for a single trademark that covers different categories of products is possible. You will, however, be responsible for the filing fee for each class. If your initial filing application isn’t complete and ready for approval, you’ll have to pay extra fees.

Do You Need Brand Registry to Sell on Amazon?

You can sell on Amazon without registering your brand. It does, however, come with a few drawbacks. The most likely scenario is for your listings to be taken over by competitors selling counterfeit or knock-off goods. Another common problem is low-cost manufacturers selling a similar product at a reduced price. These two issues can result in category saturation. The only way to compete is with dramatic price drops to remain competitive.

Final Thoughts

So, is Brand Registry with Amazon worth it? Amazon Brand Registry benefits speak volumes when it comes to safety. It is important for maintaining control of your brand. Right brand representation and security aid in ensuring that your brand is properly portrayed. Having access to premium content functionality is also beneficial because it has been shown to improve conversion rates, traffic, and sales when used correctly.

Finally, being able to quickly identify cases of possible infringements using custom search features makes it easier to ensure that your brand’s credibility on Amazon remains high.

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