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Sport equipment, Team sports, Sports brands

Items in Amazon: 
approx. 6.000 SKUs

approx. 30.000 per month


Christoph J. Hesse started selling his sport gear directly on the field after games when he was still studying business economics. This is how the idea of creating his company was born. In 1984, Christoph opened his first sporting goods store with a retail space of 45 sqm. Only a few years later, they had to expand to 100 sqm at first, and then to 500 sqm. Today, Sport-Hesse sells on a surface of around 1000 sqm and is a highly successful supplier of team sports equipment, used by customers all over the world.

Starting Out:

Since 2014, the company also sells its products on Amazon. What started with the shipment of a few footballs has eventually evolved into a PAN EU sale throughout Europe. With around 6,000 items, Christoph Hesse was aware that errors were bound to occur in Amazon‘s warehouses.

“We have a wide range of products on Amazon, and comparing so many international markets is complex and time-consuming,“ Christoph explains. “We were manually analyzing delivery reports because we were aware of the core problem, but because of the large amount of time this requires, we were only able to do the monitoring on a small scale“.


Then Christoph took part in a conference for Amazon sellers. As he had already received an invitation from SELLERLOGIC regarding the Lost & Found solution, he sought us out and listened to one of our conference presentations. “The workshop had already convinced me of Lost & Found. But the constructive discussion with the speaker afterwards was the icing on the cake and totally confirmed my first impression“, Christoph remembers. “As soon as I got home, I registered directly“.

Christoph Hesse

CEO at Sport-Hesse

“SELLERLOGIC Lost & Found is simply a great tool, everything fits just perfectly, the operation, the reimbursements, the onboarding, and the service! We definitely don’t want to go back to manually working out possible reimbursement claims.”

Successful Results with SELLERLOGIC:

Even the implementation of the solution exceeded his expectations. Although Christoph’s personal experience with SELLERLOGIC’s CSO during the conference was already all he needed to make the decision, “the initial reimbursement surprised me anyway: Sport-Hesse got 15,000 Euros back from Amazon!“.

SELLERLOGIC’s promise of saving time and easy handling also rang true. “They also offer an impeccable service – even on Saturday I received a response from the customer support team!“ Christoph explains. “In general, dealing with the customer support team has been very pleasant. They always have the right answer to my problems“.

“The tool itself works very well, since the operational component is clear and it can be easily integrated into your own daily routine. In addition, there is a knowledge database – which beside the customer support team – has also helped us a lot when we had doubts or questions.“ 

“The performance of the tool is simply convincing and totally justifies the price!“ Christoph states. “In any case, manual checking is no longer an issue at Sport-Hesse“.