Save Time and Money with an Amazon Analytics Tool: 5 Applications for Marketplace Sellers

An Amazon analytics tool helps you track your progress.

Is there a way to be successful in any business without knowing and measuring your Key Process Indicators (KPI)? Let’s be honest: No, there isn’t! This is true also and particularly on highly competitive platforms like Amazon. The question is: How do you keep track of KPI? How do you keep an eye on your revenue, your SEO and PPC performance, on your Buy Box share? Easy, you need an Amazon analytics tool. Here are 5 (free) Amazon analytics tools for sellers that will set you up.

Before we deep dive into the intricate landscape of Amazon analytics tools, we should mention why it is crucial to keep track of your KPI. The thing is, if you don’t know what’s going on in your business and on the platform, you are gambling with the success of your business. The upfront analysation of the platform’s data and your own data enables you to plan what to do next. In a second step, the data allows you to control your actions and adapt accordingly to the response you got. The famous cycle plan -> execute -> analyze -> adapt does not work without the necessary basic information. Due to that, the information you can retrieve from an Amazon data analytics tool determines how effective you can work.

As is always the case, reliable data does not come without the cost. If you take a closer look at what is out there, you will find a broad spectrum of possible Amazon data analysis tools from providers with different features and, of course, different price ranges.

5 Tools for Perfect Amazon Analysis

Which Amazon analytics or analysis tools are the best?

Whether it is a simple keyword research or an extensive competition analysis on Amazon, the analytics tool landscape offers something for every taste. We would also like to emphasize that this list is no complete overview. But these 5 tools are some of the most popular out there and worth a closer look if you want to improve your tracking.

#1: Sellics – Two Amazon Market Analysis Tools

Sellics (formerly “Marketplace analytics”) offers two separate solutions with their Seller and Vendor edition. The software provider promises its users an all-in-one solution, encompassing all the tools you need for successful tracking. With its Amazon analytics tool, Sellics’ offer includes following functions:

  • Keyword, SEO and ranking optimisation: Research of relevant keywords, direct comparison with competitor sites and fully automatic recording of the current sales rank.
  • PPC campaigns: Automate routine tasks, provide data-based decision support and improve ROI through comparative analysis of ongoing campaigns.
  • Profit Tracker: Calculate the actual profit and assortment analysis in an automated way.
  • Product research: Benefit from ASIN and the Amazon product analysis tool, including bestsellers and competitor evaluation.
  • Amazon Evaluation Management.
  • Inventory management.

The Sellics Vendor Edition also monitors the Buy Box and provides an overview of the impact that sponsored PPC ads have on your sales. The Seller Edition costs between €37 and €297 per month, dependent on the duration of the contract and the user’s annual turnover on Amazon. The price of the Sellics Vendor Edition is significantly higher and depends on a number of factors that sellers must disclose before signing a contract.

#2: Jungle Scout – Including Amazon Sales Analysis Tools 

Another well known and popular Amazon analytics tool is Jungle Scout. It offers a feature set for Amazon similar to that of Sellics. The tool allows you to find new profitable products, while also enabling you to conduct competition and keyword analysis. Individual marketplace products can be monitored to track sales on the platform. Keyword trends indicate increased demand for specific items early on.

A special feature of Jungle Scout’s Amazon analytics tool is Supplier Base. This tool enables retailers to find trustworthy suppliers as well as the top customers of these suppliers. You can also assign certain products to a specific manufacturer. Jungle Scout promises its customers that anyone will find a supplier, even for products of a specific niche. In contrast to Sellics, the costs are not dependent on annual sales. They range between 35€ and 60€ per month, depending on the exchange rate.


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#3: ShopDoc

The Amazon analytics tool ShopDoc also offers its buyers a variety of application options.

  • The potential analysis not only shows the current maximum of achievable turnover, but also keywords for which the competition is ranking. ShopDoc also breaks down the turnover into a gross profit calculation.
  • The keyword tracker also analyses which of its own keywords are increasing or decreasing, meaning that sellers can act quickly and exchange irrelevant keywords.
  • Review monitoring displays the incoming ratings in diagrams and enables direct reaction to negative reviews.
  • The turnover radar shows the sales of competitors, their turnover and price fluctuations.
  • The user’s stock levels can be visualized by a traffic light system.
  • ShopDoc also notifies the user if the Buy Box is lost, looks for relevant keywords and new product options.

In addition, ShopDoc’s features include a PPC Manager, an Amazon competitor analysis tool or a FBA calculator. The price of this Amazon analytics tool ranges from around €81 to €99 per month depending on the billing cycle.

#4: Helium 10

Helium 10 also promises an all-in-one package for marketplace sellers and has various tools available for different purposes. If you are looking for an Amazon product analytics tool, Helium’s product research section contains solutions for trend research and profit calculation. Additionally, with the included Amazon review analysis tool the evaluation of customer comments is simplified substantially.

Using the right keywords to help potential buyers find the products is also crucial on Amazon. Helium’s analytics tool finds such keywords. Users can also view the search volume of competitors’ keywords.

Finally, Helium can also be used to optimise the listing. For example, users are able to analyse which product ranks for which keyword. Helium also provides keywords that are suitable for a PPC campaign.

#5: Amalyze

Another well-known analytics tool for Amazon sellers is Amalyze. Among others, it includes tools from the following areas:

  • Product research, analysis and monitoring.
  • Keyword research and tracking.
  • Market, niche and category analyses.
  • Review analysis.

The niche and category analysis can provide interesting insights into the products that other merchants are selling. Moreover, users can check how many people use Fulfillment by Amazon and how the reviews of a product affect its ranking.

Amalyze can also evaluate the sponsored ads or PPC campaigns. For example, it provides information on whether advertising has actually been delivered to potential buyers. Users can also find out for which keywords competitors are placing PPC ads and which keywords could still be useful in terms of advertising.

Amazon Analytics Tool: Check! What’s next?

Is there such a thing as a free amazon analytics tool?

Unfortunately, a tool for technical analysis alone is not the key to success on Amazon. There are still at least two tools that every seller should use: a repricer and an FBA error analysis.

Especially the repricer is important on Amazon, because an analytics tool only really makes sense if your offers are competitive at all. 90 percent of all products are sold via the Buy Box – if you don’t have it, you can analyse your competitors as precisely as you like, significantly more sales will not come out for you.

Intelligent Price Adjustment

In addition to excellent customer service, the price plays a key role in winning the Buy Box. Finding the ideal price is no easy task and very time-consuming. The larger the assortment and the higher the sales figures, the harder it becomes for the retailer to cope with the workload.

What does this mean? Well, basically it means that automatic price adjustment is essential if you want to appear in the Buy Box regularly. Our SellerLogic Repricer does just that. Now you’re thinking: “What exactly makes their repricer better than the others?”. Fair question. The advantage of our SellerLogic Repricer is the way it works: unlike other repricers, it does not set rigid rules (e.g. “always two cents cheaper than the competition”). Instead, it analyses the market situation and adjusts the price with regard to all relevant key figures. What is the concrete benefit for you as a seller? Simple: you are able to sell your products not at the cheapest but at the best possible price. Moreover, you are able to optimise your presence on Amazon with an analytics tool. If you want to take a look yourself, click on this link and check out our product page.

Lost, but Found: Amazon Owes You Money!

When you’re running a business, it’s easy to overlook an item that disappeared along the way, or to incorrectly book one return. However, the costs that come with these minor mistakes pile up to a sizeable amount. On average, FBA sellers who use the SellerLogic Lost & Found tool get a refund of around €6,300 per year (as of April 2019). However, large retailers with many FBA shipments may even receive much higher sums for FBA errors.

Why do you need a tool for this? Can’t you just do this on your own? Yes, of course that is a viable option, but most people choose not to. That is because debugging often fails due to the available resources. Up to twelve FBA reports need to be consulted per transaction and then applied for reimbursement from Amazon. This high input of time and staff is usually not worth it without a suitable Amazon analytics tool. What’s more, Amazon allows you to retroactively follow up on some claims if they are not older than 18 months, which means if a mistake has occurred and no claim has been made so far, our SellerLogic Lost & Found solution can help you get your money back for this as well!

With Lost & Found, the workload is reduced to a minimum. The tool automatically analyses the user’s FBA transactions and creates a case for every suspicious transaction. Even the application text is pre-formulated and only needs to be copied to the Seller Central. In this way, sellers also able to get smaller reimbursement sums back. But a penny saved is a penny earned, right? If you feel the same way, click on this link, check out our Lost & Found solution and get your moeny back.

In a Nutshell: Staying Well Positioned with Various Tools

In seller groups it is undeniable that, in order to be successful on Amazon, an analytics tool is essential. Whether Amazon sellers rely on Sellics, Jungle Scout, Amalyze or a completely different tool is less decisive here, because the functional range of the one-stop-shop solutions is often quite similar. Even though the Amazon analytics tools are free, they still offer a lot of variation. So don’t hesitate to choose depending on personal preferences.

If you count yourself among the highly ambitious sellers, further measures (beyond an Amazon product analytics tool) are necessary. These measures include the use of an intelligent and dynamic repricer, a tool that adjusts prices on the online platform. Moreover, you might want to consider the automation and detection of FBA errors because this will save you a lot of money.

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SellerLogic Repricer
Enables, by means of dynamic and intelligent price control, to place the products in the Amazon Buy Box and sell them at the highest possible price.
SellerLogic Lost & Found
Monitors FBA processes for possible errors and assists sellers with their refund claims against Amazon. The seller sends the cases to Amazon via copy & paste.