Amazon Sellers and Their Tools – How Much Work Do They Really Save?

Amazon Sellers Tools – How Much Work Do They Really Save You?

It’s nothing new under the sun that Amazon sellers use various tools in order to help with their everyday tasks. By now you can find a tool for almost every scenario possible: reimbursements for FBA mistakes, finding the right keywords for your product, overall performance analysis, the list goes on. 

And yes, these little helpers can certainly ease up your daily seller business and enable your Amazon sales to go through the roof. However, the sheer amount of different tools you can use might already be overwhelming – for Amazon newcomers especially. This is why we went out and took a look at all the different options of Amazon sellers tools and pinpointed their strengths and weaknesses. 

Everybody knows that time is scarce if you run a business, be it brick and mortar or online. That’s why sellers are constantly looking for ways to work more effectively and efficiently. Luckily, online sellers have it a little easier in this regard. This is because they can use tools that automate tedious processes. Read all about the most necessary tools for Amazon FBA in this post.

Amazon Sellers and Their Tools – Find Out What You Really Need

Within the last two decades, software tools have found their way into almost every business. People that sell over Amazon are no exception here. As an example, an Amazon seller might take tax software into consideration for his business. Especially since there are several companies that have specialized on merchants, like the Amazon seller accounting tools from software supplier Fetcher

In our post “Automation for Sellers” you can also read more about accounting and inventory software for Amazon sellers:

Many Amazon sellers are on a tight schedule. New goods have to be purchased, the warehouse has to be filled, customers want to receive their products. In addition, the product page must be maintained and the competition analysed. With so many tasks, you are busy. But clever automation can save you a lot of work. Find out more here!
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It doesn’t matter if an Amazon seller needs analytics tools for the market place itself or for management purposes outside the online platform, double checking on what it is actually needed remains a must. A merchant taking care of his own fulfillment won’t need a FBA reimbursement tool while this Amazon Seller might find inventory management software quite helpful. Hence, it is reasonable to categorize tools by their purposes. 

We chose the following categories:

If you already know which Amazon sellers tools you would like to learn more about feel free to just click on the categories and it will lead you straight to that paragraph.

Amazon Repricing Tools

One of the most important tools for an Amazon seller is repricing software. The marketplace is a shark tank and competition can be overwhelming. More often than not the final price decides if you win the Buy Box, which in turn leads to price wars – certainly not the best option for Amazon sellers. A repricing tool can help in this regard.

In order to win the Buy Box, prices may have to be changed several times a day, making it very easy for you to lose track. A good repricer analyzes your optimal price automatically by comparing it to your competition and taking into account the current market conditions. It will also focus on winning and keeping the Buy Box, if this is your goal.

Here’s what a repricer should do: 

  • Work dynamically and intelligently rather than rule-based.
  • Never exceed a seller’s minimal or maximal price.
  • Offer different strategies.
  • Offer the chance of setting up your own individual strategy.
  • Enable simple implementation.
  • Provide (free) customer support.

How A Repricer Can Help Your Business Grow!

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Tools for Amazon FBA Reimbursements

Many Amazon sellers use tools, i. e. fba refund software.

If you sell via FBA, you put your fulfillment into Amazon’s hands. All you have to do is send your goods to the fulfillment centers and from this point on the online giant takes over. They will store your products, send them to customers and organize the return management –  Which certainly eases up your life as a merchant. 

But there’s also the other side of the coin: Sometimes mistakes happen at the fulfillment centers – actually more than many FBA sellers expect. Broken products, falsely charged FBA fees or lost returns are only a few examples. Sellers are eligible to be refunded for those mistakes but in order to find them, they have to check all FBA reports. Analyzing up to 12 of those can easily turn into a neverending story. Hence, many sellers end up not taking care of their reimbursement claims and lose up to thousands of euros. 

Amazon FBA Sellers tools that have been created for exactly this reason can help you get your reimbursements quicker and easier – often those tools even find more errors than a person could ever find manually. A reimbursement software automatically analyses all FBA reports and searches for any mistake which it will report to you. Good tools will also prepare the claim for you. All you have to do is copy and paste it into SellerCentral. Considering how easy this is, any Amazon FBA seller can use tools like Lost & Found in order to get their money back!

Amazon Sellers Tools for SEO Optimization  

While being on the lookout for the best Amazon seller software, be sure to take a look at tools that optimize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Especially Private Label sellers and brand owners need SEO for better ranking. Many customers use Amazon to find product information and prices. 

Just like any other search engine, Amazon works with keywords. This means that the algorithm compares search requests to product page details and matches them if they align. Hence – as an editor of a product page – you should use as many (good) keywords as you can! Add them to your product title, bullet points and in the backend to match perfectly with search requests.

If you want to use keywords to improve your SEO on Amazon, a keyword tool can come in quite handy. Its purpose is to do the keyword research for you and estimate search volumes. Some tools also include an ASIN-search or track any changes of product listings. Suppliers are for example Helium 10, datahawk or keyword tool dominator.

Also quite handy: an Amazon keyword or product ranking tool, which will also monitor your ranking and how keywords affect your overall ranking. This way you get to find out for which keywords your product ranks and how it scores in the search results. Most tools also let you spy on your competitors so you can see how they rank for which keyword. 

In other words: If you want to improve your Amazon ranking, a SEO tool is what you’re looking for.

Amazon Marketing Tools

Most of the successful merchants on Amazon are also great marketers. You may have the best product but if no one knows about it, that does not help you either. In order to get your products or even your own brand popular, you should use Advertising on Amazon – a PPC tool can help you manage and analyze your campaigns.

Here are some examples of how an Amazon seller profits from tools for advertising:

  • Campaigns and Analyses are created automatically
  • Advertising budget can be managed
  • Keyword management by bidding on successful keywords 

A well known tool for an Amazon seller’s advertising is Sellics. Others are Adference, ShopDoc and AMALYZE.

Amazon Sellers Tools for Feedback and Reviews

Just to clarify from the beginning: These tools do not post reviews for your products, which is illegal by the way! 

Instead, an Amazon Feedback Tool will monitor and analyze reviews you receive. 

Positive reviews create trust and trust leads to sales. Not just that: customer reviews are an important metric for the Buy Box. Positive feedback shows Amazon’s algorithm that your product satisfies customer needs and as we all know: Customers are Amazon’s number one priority. Also, feedback about sellers themselves is taken into account for their performance and hence their chances to win the Buy Box.

You can see that it is very important to keep track of the feedback you get. The more products you sell, the harder it is to keep the overview. But it is crucial to notice if negative feedback accumulates and to do something about it as soon as possible. That is exactly how Amazon sellers can use tools to get help: A bad review will be reported immediately and sellers can react. 

Suppliers are for example: eComEngine, Feedback whiz and Sellics.

Amazon Product Research Tools

It doesn’t matter if you decide to expand your business or if you are just starting, you will have to look for new products to sell. Therefore you have to take into account many different factors: Is there enough demand for the product? How strong are my competitors? Will the product be profitable? 

Finding the answers to all these questions can be quite challenging for Amazon sellers, but certain tools can help. Instead of checking platforms like Alibaba, Wish or Amazon itself in order to identify the next trend, use tools to search by keyword or category. Amazon Research Tools for sellers can also estimate the demand – probably even more precise than you could do on your own.

Suppliers are: Jungle Scout, Helium 10 and Viral Launch

All in One Tools – the overall solution? 

Sellers using one of the Amazon Analytics Tools mentioned above might have found several all in one solutions like Helium 10 or Sellics. Often it is not just easier to use only one tool but also cheaper. Nevertheless, as a business owner you should always ask yourself what your business really needs. If you are an Amazon seller, who wants tools for SEO optimization, Advertisements, PPC and feedback monitoring, you are probably better off with an all in one tool. But if you only need a tool for your PPC campaigns it is worth checking for a tool that only does PPC. 

However, all in one Amazon tools for sellers do not include repricers or FBA reimbursement tools.

Do I Have to Pay for Tools?

The question if you – as an Amazon seller – should use software for free, or rather a professional version, heavily depends on the purpose you need it for. Almost every supplier offers you either a free test version or a free variant that does not have as many features as the professional one but may just be enough for your needs. 

Let’s take the SellerLogic Repricer as an example. Many Amazon sellers use tools to take care of pricing, which makes it almost impossible to compete with them without using software. But you might be unsure if the Repricer will really pay off. Therefore, you can use a 14 day free trial. If it helps you, we are glad to have you stay with us. But if not, you can just easily leave after your test period. 

So, Should Amazon Sellers Use Tools?

Amazon seller can use tax software as well.

We can guarantee that even the best Amazon seller needs tools in order to keep the  business going. Of course you can be successful without tools, it’s just much harder. You can save a lot of time, effort and money by using the right tools. 

Nevertheless, buying any existing Amazon Seller Analytics Software, does not mean that you can stop working. Tools can only support you, for example by helping you find the right keywords or new products to sell. Apart from using tools that help directly on Amazon, a seller can use accounting software like Fetcher.  

As per usual you should ask yourself what you are trying to achieve and whether a tool can meet those requirements. With a bit of merchants’ spirit and critical thinking you can surely answer these questions.

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